A Sad Card

A funny thing happened on the way to Mary Potter Hospice today.  I went to the mailbox and there , among the usual bills and junk mail, was a pretty card with an illustration of irises on the front  The back cover advised that it was part of the Hope Greeting Collection, made from recycled paper and gave the website www.habitat.org.

Iris in flower

Inside was this sad plea, and because it was so sad, I will reproduce it exactly word for word as it was written :

“Judith my dear –
I heard of this poor soul who hasn’t
heard from her sisters for almost three
It breaks your heart.
Love you
God Bless

Now, what would you do in the face of such a plea?  Send an email; make a phone call or send a response through snail mail?

I hate to think of this poor soul on the other side of the world (well as Christine lives in California I have to assume that she lives on the other side of the world too) waiting, hoping for a response.

So I immediately sent the following back to Christine via email :


“Oh Christine
Thank you for your card.
Your generous heart knows no bounds.
How lucky is that woman to have met you.
Can she now count you as a friend?
Please tell her that your sisters are both alive and
well, albeit in far flung places, and offer us to her as
surrogate sisters who will keep in touch with her regularly.
Love Judith”

Mother and her daughters c1945

Of course, we have been in touch since she posted this card several days ago.



















14 responses to “A Sad Card

  1. I lover it! You have such a great relationship with your sisters, even though you live in different parts of the world. Never having a sister, I am envious.


  2. This is sweet. Like Darlene, I’ve no sister, either. You are doubly blessed!


    • And now she has sent me an email that said “It’s a good thing I didn’t say anything bad about sisters that ignore sisters, for almost three weeks.”
      Gotta love that gal!


  3. That sad card gave me a big smile, Judith 🙂


  4. I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I’d want that kind of relationship. Her card to you was sad, but it shows her caring heart. Your response was also beautiful and touching.


  5. Too funny! Your sister has a good sense of humor. So much better than sending a cross message, and yet it gets her point across.


  6. I’m glad your sisters are your friends as well as your siblings, it’s nice. 🙂


  7. Its a good thing that your Big Sister and your Little Sister know as Christine and Marianne know how much you love them and how much we love youXXXX


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