Saturday Again..

OK so it’s Saturday again.  Where did this week go?  Must have been  having fun!

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A couple of days ago  I wrote about a very simple pleasure bestowed on me by two little girls and I thought how lucky I am to live where I do, rather than in a retirement village surrounded only by other ‘oldies’.

So to Saturday.  Today started out as grey and very windy so as is my wont, I stayed in bed with my book having been brought breakfast –  juice, coffee and toast  – until well into the day.  When I did surface the wind was blowing and I thought it would be a stay at home day.

However, shortly after lunch I finished my book “The Dying Light” by Henry Porter and thought we should sally forth to the supermarket to buy whatever we needed for dinner.  While I had been reading about intrigue in the highest echelons of British politics, Prime Minister et al, my friend had been reading the daily newspaper and discovered there was a new (?) lookout on the hills above Wellington.  So we decided that we would try the walk to the lookout and then go to the supermarket.

By the time we worked out where we were going, the day had changed completely,  the sun was shining, the wind had dropped and it had become an almost perfect Spring day.

We found the new lookout Te Ahumairangi and marvelled at the sight of the city spread in its glory in front of us.

We also found this great place to walk Lotte without her lead.  She was really excited as she rarely is off the lead when out of the house.  On the walk we met several people exercising their dogs, so Lotte has a whole lot of new friends to meet on her walks in future because we will certainly be going back to this area of the town belt.

I have written before about how lucky we are in this capital city to have the town belt and how so many of the citizens fail to take advantage of the peace and serenity that it offers us in this busy world that we inhabit.  We certainly appreciated it today – the wind was absent for a short time and the sun shone.


My rainbow

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32 responses to “Saturday Again..

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  2. Congratulations on completing the book.


  3. Thank you for sharing your Saturday…it’s so nice to have a peek inside!


  4. Outdoor walks – especially with a dog – are one of life’s top simple pleasures. Looks like you have beautiful views to enjoy.

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog and I’ll be back to visit.


  5. great rainbow picture…. and I love that you are enjoying things!


  6. Congrats to you! Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Don’t know which city you live on the edge of but there’s always lots to be said for the great outdoors. Enjoyed your little tale (your dog might prefer “tail”)


  8. I love your rainbow and new lookouts are always good.


  9. Doesn’t the sunshine make such a difference to a day, glad that you had the chance to get out and enjoy it at your end. 🙂


  10. What a lovely day you and Lottie had. I find a walk does wonders for the spirit.


    • Sometimes I don’t feel like making the effort and then when out walking I find I am enjoying myself and am always rewarded by Lotte’s joy. I am sure she smiles when we are out.


  11. The pleasure in your walk with Lotte and other friend has spread all the way to Virginia. I love the feeling of freedom and delight you portray so well, and I am almost there sharing the perfect weather and the perfect place to enjoy it, so I am all smiles, and I thank you.


    • We are looking forward to a better summer than we had last year. Meantime, we are taking advantage of any good days to get out and enjoy ourselves. And we are so lucky – all this open space available within a few minutes drive (or walk) from home and on top of that we have the ocean. Lucky indeed!


  12. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.


  13. The rainbow is beautiful, sounds like a very productive day.


  14. Sounds grand . . . for you, your friend, and Lottie!


  15. No better way to start a day than by having breakfast brought 🙂


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    • I am always delighted when somebody discovers New Zealand. We have lived here now (on and off) for about 40 years. I shall look out for that lodge next time I am in that region. Thanks. 🙂


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