Trials of a Rambler

Ramble definition: v amble, drift, perambulate, peregrinate, range, roam, rove, saunter, straggle etc etc

And this certainly covers the range of topics I have covered in my blog posts since I started on March 1.  Right here you need to cheer.  Yesterday was my 200th post.  Aw c’mon – that deserves at least a little recognition.


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But back to today’s post.  Usually, well quite often anyway, when I sit down to write I have some idea of what I shall write about.  But at other times.  Well, if you read my earlier post Kiss Your Frogs you’ll know that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, I start with an idea and then this over-age mind of mine goes off on a totally different track and I am reminded of the rambles that I take with Lotte each day.

Town Belt Sign

Here in Wellington, we are very lucky that our original town fathers had the sense to proclaim an area around the city The Town Belt.   For those of you interested here is a pdf of the Townbelt  Deed

“made the twentieth day of March One thousand eight hundred and seventy-three
Superintendent of the Province of Wellington in the Colony of New Zealand
of the one part and
(who with their Successors are hereinafter termed “the Corporation’ of the other part…”

This deed specifically provides access to over 1,000 acres of walks, playing fields and leisure activity areas for the people of Wellington and it’s visitors.

central park 2

Lotte and I regularly walk in this part of the town belt as it is in our area and it has a designated dog area where she can run around off the lead.

Northern bushwalk

This is another favourite track of ours.  Khandallah to Mt Kaukau but since I have had Lotte we haven’t ventured to the top.  It is too steep for her little legs – well, that’s my excuse anyway.

Khandallah Bush walk

The bush is quite dense but is well-marked with paths and signposts.  Other people do let their dogs off the lead here but as there are so very many interesting and enticing smells she might follow them and never come back ,Lotte is kept firmly on the lead..

Khandallah Bush Walk

And so, as you can see it is not only my mind that wanders rambles but also my legs.  And I am so very grateful that I live here and that I am able to enjoy the peace and solitude (yes often we don’t see another soul on our walks).

Rugged coast

Added to the bush the sea is only a 10-minute drive away.  How lucky can you get?













28 responses to “Trials of a Rambler

  1. jacquelincangro

    That looks to be a picturesque and peaceful walk. I try to think of my daily walks with Reggie as meditations, but sometimes on the city sidewalks it can be difficult to feel as if I’m escaping from daily trials and tribulations. On this trail, I would feel transported. Thank you for sharing these photos.
    Enjoy your daily walk with Lotte.


    • Sometimes we only make it around the streets of our inner city suburb and then I have the opportunity to look into other people’s gardens to see what they are up to. But the bush walks and the walks along the sea shore are certainly my favourites,.
      And enjoy your daily walks with Reggie.


  2. What a beautiful place to ramble. You are lucky indeed.


  3. What a wonderful place to ramble … if wandering and rambling is wrong when the scenery is so lovely – I don’t want to be right. (smile)
    Lotte is a lucky pooch!


  4. I just came back from a run and now my lungs are filled with car exhaust. I love the city, but pollution and lack of nature is the consequence of city life. Sigh… it would be lovely to have a place to ramble like yours.


  5. So beautiful. What a great place to wander and ramble with a furry. I just might succumb to jealousy.


  6. You have such a beautiful area to explore. How wonderful that you have such a pedestrian-friendly area. You and Lotte are very blessed, indeed.


  7. Whey Hey ! Woop Woop ! Hurrrraaayyy !
    Congratulations on passing the 200 mark. 😀


  8. Thanks Hallysan.
    Did you see the photo I posted lasted Saturday – a cover not as attractive as yours but one of ours anyway – for Lunch.


  9. Well done on 200 posts and I see you are heading to 30,000 page reads which is great going Judith.

    Keep up the good work.


  10. 200 Posts. Thats amazing. Well done you


    • Well it does seam like a great feat. I always told my children, and later my clients, just do what is necessary every day and you will reach your goal. So only another 164 to reach the end of the year. Thanks for the encouragement.:)


  11. So beautiful! 🙂
    Congrats on the 200 posts!


  12. You are very lucky! It looks like such a beautiful place to live and wander/ramble. 🙂

    *applause*applause* Congratulations on your 200th post!


  13. Congratulations Judith!


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