Not Old Dogs, But Old Books

Posted on the other blog today. Old dogs, old books; the ones you have held the longest are the best without doubt.

A World Apart

I have several books passed down to me by my Father. I have written about him on my other blog. Although he left school and any formal learning at 13 to help with the family finances, he never stopped learning.

He ingrained upon his three daughters the idea that learning was the only way to proceed; to get ahead in the world. He bought books, usually second hand, and read to us when we were young and gave them to us to read as we got older.

He was a proud Londoner. In all his 96 years he never wanted to live anywhere but in the East End. And today I will tell you of a couple of books that I have that were his.

One book is called Walking Around London.

‘I have seen the greatest wonder which the world can show to the astonished spirit. I have…

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  1. I can’t say enough how much this post touches my heart

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