Florence Day 9

Workmen have left

I awoke this morning to the sounds of silence from the street.  The workmen have gone.  All that remains are the barricades to stop people driving on the newly laid tarmacadam.

So after the call from NZ and shower I was ready to begin another day in this most fabulous city.  After my usual breakfast I took the bus into town, but again I had jumped on the wrong bus.  I realised this shortly after I got on but with my new-found confidence, I got off  and found my way to connect to the correct bus.

A different bus stop

View from the new bus stop

For several days now I have been going to the Ponte Vecchio but each day I have become waylaid by all the wonders around me.  Today was to be the day, but first I wandered around the streets again

More door knobs

More door knobs

Entrance bells

Entrance bells

Peep of anither spire

Peep of another spire

More door knockers

More door knockers

until I found a little restaurant/bar in which to have lunch.

Spag bol Italian style!

Spag bol Italian style!

Then I decided to get real so I took a cab to the Ponte Vecchio.  The bridge is fascinating and was more crowded than any piazza in which I had already been in Florence.

River Arno from Ponte Vecchio

River Arno from Ponte Vecchio

Mask in shop window

Mask in shop window

A Display of masks inside the shop

A Display of masks inside the shop

Shops full of the real thing - bling

Shops on the bridge sell only gold and fine jewellery. The real bling

Houses along the River ArnoHouses along the River Arno

Houses on the Arno

More houses on the river bank

River Arno rom Ponte Vechio

River Arno from Ponte Vecchio

Vehicles drive through this arch

Vehicles drive through this arch

Plaque  on hotel wall

Plaque on hotel wall


Plaque depicting Virgin and child

Side street at Ponte Vecchio

Interesting – side street leading where?

Busy crossing

Busy crossing

So many sights, so many people, so much activity, it is almost overwhelming.  But around every corner there is yet another wonder to behold.
As Mark Twain said
“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.”

And just for fun, this is how I feel after another busy day being a tourist in Florence

Tired panda

Sightseeing is so very tiring!


22 responses to “Florence Day 9

  1. Wonderful description of your day, Judith. And so many excellent photos. I like what Mark Twain said. I am glad you enjoy Florence that much. And how lucky for you that the work on the street was finished rather quickly.
    Cheerio, Uta. 🙂

  2. Read this walking to work with my nose in my phone. Made me laugh out loud at the taxi!
    Nite for now. Will drop back tomorrow for a proper comment. 🙂

    • Love the Panda picture. I can imagine you flopped in a chair with your feet up after a hard days sightseeing. What do you do with your evenings ?
      Your photos are great, so glad you took your camera along so that we could see the sights too. 🙂

    • Thanks Sallyann. I really appreciate that you read, follow and comment each day. 🙂

  3. Seems you have had yet another lovely day seeing all the sights. Glad that you are enjoying everything, love xx

  4. LOL! Love that last “description.” Looks like you’re having a wonderful time, Judith. Judging from your images and descriptions, Florence is a beautiful place. 🙂

  5. Sounds as if you are getting ready to move there permanently, Judith! Love those doors!

    • Well I understand it’s not that easy. I as talking to an American girl the other day and she has a student visa but has to go back home to New York every few months. But it’s a thought Cat.

  6. I love your newborn confidence. Pretty soon you will feel like a local. Your pics and impressions are awesome!

  7. Another full day for you. I love the masks!

  8. Another Twain quote you might enjoy . . . “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

  9. Ha! Sight seeing is, indeed, exhausting! Love the photos in this post–especially the one of the narrow street that winds who-knows-where. I loved that about Hanoi, when we lived there–the narrow winding streets–such charm. Sounds like you are getting along well. I’m enjoying every moment of my virtual travel. It’s a whole lot less tiring on this end. LOL

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks Kathy for staying with me on this journey. I am so far behind with my reading that I don’t know hat you and Sara have been up to recently. I am going to spend some time tonight just catching up on all the blogs I follow. 🙂

  10. The panda pic cracked me up. After traipsing through Washington D.C. in June, I can totally see how you’d feel like that at the end of the day!

  11. I love the entrance bells. Did you get to hear any of them? I’m curious how they sound in Italy. Glad you easily found the right bus. Are you sure there’s a bank along that river? The houses look almost like they’re sitting directly on the water.

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