Andy’s Travels

Well we heard today that Andy’s next destination is Virginia Beach, Va.


What are we waiting for? Let's go!

This isn’t an area that I am familiar with and so I looked it up on our trusty friend Wikipedia.  I learned “Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia, on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay”.

I learned that the history of Virginia Beach  goes back to the Native Americans who lived in the area for thousands of years before the English colonists landed at Cape Henry in April 1607 and established their first permanent settlement at Jamestown a few weeks later.

I have read all the Kay Scarpetta novels by Patricia Cornwell and so I know that Richmond is the Capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia;  this is where the early the novels are set, Scarpetta being the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth.  So we are told some things about Richmond.

But I am afraid that I shall have to send Andy on with little or no ideas of what to expect in Virginia Beach except that I do know that Patti is looking forward to his coming to her house.

I shall send him off early next week with instructions to Patti.

Lotte at the fireHe likes to warm himself in front of the fire.  If it is too warm for a fire then Patti you will have to make some other arrangement, because I don’t know if it is the fire that attracts him or the fact that it is where his friend Lotte spends a lot of her time.

Music notesHe appreciates music, classical and contemporary and likes to hear it all day long.  If you go out for any length of time Patti just make sure a music programme is on the radio – advertisements just don’t do it for him.

He LOVES jelly beans.  As you can see the jar is almost empty Andy and the jelly beansso I shall have to replenish it before he leaves.

He likes being taken for walks and rides in the car
He likes being spoken to
He absolutely hates being ignored.

Andy and Teddy

Andy and his new friend Teddy

He likes to spend time with his new friend Teddy

And he is looking forward to his next adventures with his next host.

But he will certainly miss his best friend Lotte.

Lotte and Andy sleeping

But we are keeping him with us until early next week because we have several more adventures planned for him before he leaves New Zealand.

27 responses to “Andy’s Travels

  1. Seems Andy likes all the same things I like. Maybe you should invite me on your next trip if Andy can’t make it.


  2. Andy sure gets about, maybe he’ll visit England one day. 🙂


    • Well if you would like him to visit just contact Lenore. I can let you have her email address or just go over to her blog And thanks for subscribing to my blog.


      • About Andy … Now that’s an idea. 🙂
        and about the subscribing l’ve had to find all the blogs again because I’ve changed my e-mail. It’s taken me ages to work out that’s what I needed to do. 🙂


  3. Sounds like Andy is having a great time, and will have more fun in VA Beach. I’ll try not to be bothered that he travels WAY more than I do 🙂


  4. Hi Judith. I recently watched a program on public television about the rising oceans and Norfolk, being on the coast, was featured. Don’t hold me too closely to details but it seems that the Atlantic is rising more rapidly than scientists had thought it would AND parts of Norfolk are sinking. A word to the wise–be sure our Andy is going to a safe part of town. 🙂 Oh, and, Norfolk is the largest naval base in the world.

    Another note of interest (I hope.) Patricia Cornwell started her writing career here in Charlotte, NC, as a crime reporter for the local newspaper, The Charlotte Observer. I’ve read a few of her books and it seems to me one was set in Charlotte, though I’m not sure about that.


    • Well I hope our Andy can swim. I haven’t let him into the ocean here because it has been too cold. And yes, I did read one of her books set in Charlotte
      I heard an interview on the radio and the interviewee said that many people read novels as much for finding out about a certain area as for the plot. So I shall go back and read that novel to find out about where you live..


  5. oh the joys of a world traveller. I’m thinking a lot of folks would love to be in Andy’s suitcase as he wanders back and forth across the ocean.


  6. As Patti is my dear friend here in Va. Beach maybe I’ll get the opportunity to meet Andy!


  7. Andy has a bazillion relatives in Texas and some here in Florida too.


  8. I heard the beach at Fort Story is awesome in the summertime, you may wanna consider that. Nice post.


    • Thanks I have never heard of Fort Story so I Googled it. When/if I ever get to Virginia I shall add it to my must visit list. Thanks for dropping in.


  9. The beach at Fort Story is awesome in the summertime, you may wanna consider that. Nice post.


  10. Virginia Beach is a lovely destination for Andy ~ fairly close to the Colonial Capital of Williamsburg, VA!

    And, sounds like, he’ll get to meet Suzi! 😀


  11. I am looking forward to Andy’s visit. The guest room is ready, but, alas, I have no Lotte to keep him company! And yes, I was planning his visit to Suzicate’s. She has a black dog, many times larger than your little Lotte! It’s warming up here, so he won’t need a fire. More than likely, he’ll want to play in the sprinkler.


  12. Reblogged this on I choose how I will spend the rest of my life and commented:

    It’s May 1 here in this far-flung corner of the world. Autumn is upon us, leaves turning colour and thoughts drifting to what I was thinking about on this day in earlier years. I looked back and found this post from 2012. Can it really be seven years since we had fun with Andy?
    I enjoyed rereading this and I hope you will tt.


  13. Didn´t we all have fun with Andy? He really got around for sure. Loved the picture of your sweet Lottie too.


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