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Tsunami damage

Yesterday I watched  in horror, a TV special on the Japanese Tsunami one year on from March 11 2011.    I saw how the wall of water engulfed whole towns pushing all before it.  Houses, large buildings, cars and of course, people, were swept out of its way.  I had never before seen anything like it.  I was speechless at the damage inflicted by this water.

Imagine my surprise when after  being advised of a new follower of my blog, and clicking on the link I found that LimeIsBetter posted on the subject of the Tsunami, just a few days ago.  Click here for this moving account of the aftermath for the survivors.

I have nothing further to add to this post and leave you to read the post.


More Reasons to be Grateful

Today, all our thoughts must be with the people of Japan following the earthquake and tsunami Those of us who live in New Zealand, ‘the shaky isles’ have recently lived through the devastating Christchurch earthquake, but there was much less loss of life and damage.  Although for those who lost loved ones, this is no comfort.

Ground split

Fissure in ground after earthquake

The effects of our earthquake on lives, property, business and infrastructure will last for many months (hopefully not years) and will impact on the whole of New Zealand not just Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

Already so few hours after the earthquake we hear that the Yen has been devalued.  How many lives will this impact?

I am taken back to memories of Sunday School and teachings of building your house on solid ground and also the wolf who huffed and puffed and blew down the pigs’ houses.  But now we question is the land solid. We know that the plates move and cause land movement.

Today I am thinking of the people of Japan and the other areas affected by the tsunami and give thanks for those people who survived.

If there is a god in your scheme of things or if you simply look to a higher body or the universe, please take some time today to think of the devastation wrought in Japan and other places and give thanks that so many people survived.  And, selfishly, maybe even add a word of gratitude that you don’t live in Japan.