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I am just thinking

Many thought running around this sluggish brain today.  It is commonly accepted that we have about 70,000 (yes seventy thousand) thoughts each day.  Is it any wonder then I get confused?

Do not disturbSo today what am I thinking.

Last week Janet at http://thoughtstomull.com/ awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you for this Janet I really appreciate it and consider it an honour to have been nominated by you.

But I do have some concerns about awards (as do some other bloggers).  See this post from Lenore Diane at mythoughtsexactly.  We do love to receive acknowledgment from our peers, and I don’t even object worry about the part where one has to tell seven, eight or however many things about themselves.  No, what really worries me is having to select 10 or 15 others on to whom to pass the award.  Note – Since there are so many great blogs out there I find it difficult to select only a few.  In the past I have nominated everyone on my blog roll but I guess that is cheating! (This note was added after the post was published and in recognition of some of the comments).

So may I say thank you and graciously decline the award, knowing that I can’t accept it without the obligations that accompany it?  I hope that this doesn’t offend the donor.  That most certainly is not my aim.  I am working on being gracious in all areas of my life.  Some areas are easier than others.

Christmas bellsChristmas is rapidly approaching – only 15 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds as I write this. Well many of you are a day behind us so you have 16 days etc etc.  Click here for the Christmas Countdown Clock.

I have been reading several posts about Christmas and how we celebrate,  We all have family traditions either of long standing or maybe only comparatively recently started.  One that we have in our family started almost half a century ago when my children were babes.  Each year we would select a gift for a child, wrap it and place it under the tree in a local department store.  This has been done now in three different countries in this world.  And we have carried on the tradition.  I still purchase a gift as do my daughter and family and my son and family.  The object has been to instil in the children (mine or theirs) that there is so much more to Christmas than receiving..

I have blogged about Christmas when growing up in London and Christmas in the southern hemisphere in the summer.  Christmas in the sunshine just doesn’t seem right somehow.  So I stick to the traditions, roast turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas pudding etc etc.  And sometimes the weather performs as it should in the summer and the temperatures soar.  But as our weather is so unpredictable who knows what Christmas Day will bring.

What are the traditions in your family?  I would really love to hear of them.

Yesterday was Thursday but I didn’t do lunches at the Hospice.  Instead I was asked to be part of a seminar for the administration staff.  Of course I agreed when they asked could I do something on Time Management.

Wman surrounded by paperI said “Yes I should be happy to do so” and I was until  I saw the Agenda for the day.  I was allotted 1.25 hours and the session was entitled Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines with a series of sub headings.

The Agenda was only circulated a week before the event so much midnight burning of candles oil went on in this house.

Of course the session went smoothly and was well received but for a little while I was concerned.

“To complain about a lack of time is like a fish in the sea complaining that it has a lack of water”
Judith Baxter
A short time ago I wrote about flat packs.  Some people hadn’t heard the expression before and they and others were kind enough to leave comments.  And for no other reason than I think it’s a great photo I give you…
Flat pack car

Flat pack cat