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Sunday Morning

It’s 9.45pm on Sunday night and I have absolutely no idea what to blog about today.  So I will turn to Prompts and Practices in Judy Reeves’ “A Creative Writer’s Kit” for inspiration.  Today is February 12 and she suggests Write Your Morning

Well the day started as usual around 6.45am – why does this early wakening dog me even though I now no longer have a reason to waken this early?  Obviously, because of the many years of having to be awake this early my mind and body have become accustomed and have formed a habit.

On getting up and attending to the bathroom requirements, the next thing is get Madam awake.  She doesn’t stir while all this activity is going on around her.  I guess she thinks if she is quiet and still she might get a couple more hours of sleep.  But hey the sun is shining, the wind is absent and perhaps the powers that be have suddenly realised that it is summer here.

Lotte in bed

So a shower, breakfast and then a short walk out into this lovely day.  Only a short walk because I have to attend an Open Home with my Real Estate Agent friend at 11 am.  Once home Madam settles down to sleep almost as if she knows it is Sunday and she will be left to her own devices for a couple of hours.

And so to the Open Home.  Only one today which is very unusual but my friend has been away for a couple of days in Sydney, Australia following a successful few weeks of selling.   So we each arrive independently and put out fresh flowers; make sure the beds are made tidily, the bathrooms look spik and span   But where are the purchasers?  Nobody arrives and we spend the next 45 minutes sitting in this very pleasant family house catching up on what we have each been doing for the past few days.

Then we pack up; lock up the house and take off for a ‘well deserved’ coffee in a local coffee shop.  Not a busy morning or a particularly fruitful one but it was my Sunday morning.

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. 
Bill Watterson
1958 –