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Today’s Shower

Creative writing kit

I have talked about this kit before.  Part of the kit is a book entitled Prompts and Practices.  Each day there is a prompt and today’s was Write About Bathing.

When I saw the prompt this morning I thought “Well that is surely something I can write about”.  And so it was…

I was taking a shower, sitting on a stool provided because of my fractured ankle, and enjoying the feel of the warm water cascading over this body, when suddenly whoosh, the gentle flow of warm water changed.  I was engulfed in rushing water seeming to come at me from all directions.  Well of course it wasn’t.  The shower hose had split.  Fortunately the red Santa boot was completely encased in a very large plastic bag and so the water didn’t get onto it.

But with a yell, I opened the shower door and so the bathroom was once again covered in water.  Lotte ran in to see what the noise was about but as she doesn’t like water she quickly back pedaled out of the bathroom.

The friend who has been staying with me since the accident came to my rescue with towels to mop the floor.  So once again I have the cleanest bathroom floor in Brooklyn.

Bath towelsAnd a trip to the plumbing store to get a replacement hose that took just about all day because when I asked I was told to bring the receipt for the part as a new shower was installed last year after I bought the property.  But when I arrived I was told that they needed the broken part to send back to the supplier. So home for lunch and then back to the store again for the replacement.  It is now installed.

And then it was off to the hospital to return the zimmer frame that I no longer need.  I am glad to see the back of that.

Time for my rainbow.  I have only 20 more days until the red boot is removed.  Hurrah!


My rainbow