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Tag – You’re It

Jean Mishra at  Moonlightened Way tagged me for Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments.  Well I don’t know Mrs Sparkly but imagine she looks something like –

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor abt 1966

or maybe she is a witch and looks more like Morticia in the Addams Family. raising flesh-eating plants.  In case this is Mrs Sparkly, rather than the Elizabeth Taylor look-alike, I have decided to respond to the tag and play along.

We are asked to respond to 10 questions (Mrs Sparkly’s Commandments), so here goes.

  1. Describe yourself in seven words.  Well you all know how wordy I am so even the first one is a challenge.  I am curious, friendly, generous, caring, loving, helpful, creative.
  2. What keeps you up at night?  My busy mind churning out thoughts and words until I put it to sleep by writing all these things in the notebook at the side of the bed.
  3. Whom would you like to be?  I can only be me but I would like to be more; more creative, more curious etc etc.
  4. What are you wearing now?  Oh dear.  A quick run to the physiotherapist has me wearing a plain white shirt, grey pants and the requisite lace up shoes because of the injury to the foot.  Come back later and I shall be dressed not quite like Elizabeth above, but certainly in much better style.
  5. What scares you?  The dramas unfolding in my friends’ lives that I can only watch.
  6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?  Easy – the best is the fact that I can interact with new people around the world.  I count many of these now as friends.  The worst is those times when I have to delete some of the posts having been away for a few days and being overwhelmed with the number.
  7. What was the last website you looked at?  Wellington City Libraries.  Patricia at Today I Think wrote a review of the new Patricia Cornwall book “Red Mist” and I was looking for it at our library.  They have it and I have reserved it!
  8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  Well what can I change really.  Nothing, but I would like to be transported back in time to when I was younger and had the family around me.
  9. Slankets, yes or no?  As I had never heard of slankets I Googled the word and now know that the answer is a resounding NO!
  10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.  I have only recently met Jean (in the blogosphere of course).  She is an American living in India, but I don’t exactly know where.  She is spiritual, inspirational and creative and I am looking forward to learning more about her in the coming months.

Now I have to tag five bloggers on behalf of Mrs Sparkly.

If you wish to participate please do so and have fun, but if you decide against it, watch out for my friend Mrs Muddleditch.  She is grumpy and sometimes quite malicious and she will find you.

old lady smoking cigar

Mrs Muddleditch at rest

Or maybe the Morticia Addams version will.  So be warned and beware!

Six Word Saturday Again

Six word Saturday button

 Six Word Saturday  – the idea is to describe your life or a day therein in six words.  So it’s a challenge but fun.  If you want to participate please just click the link.   So

Went to the beach with Lotte.

As it was such a lovely day here, bright sunshine and warmth that we have had so rarely in our summer so far, I decided to meet with a friend and take our dogs for a walk.

Lotte and Major

Best friends

Close to where I live is this amazing surf beach and part of it is designated for dogs.  It is not blocked off in any way and the dogs, people, children (oh they are people too aren’t they) surfers, swimmers etc all mix and mingle.

There was a great mixture of dogs today, from Major (the Afghan) down to a tiny Chihuahua and every size in between – there were German Shepherds playing with Basset Hounds, Poodles and Bichons in amongst the Ridgebacks and Labradors and a once white West Highland Terrier that was rolling in the sand with a Griffon.  They all had such a great time and I am sorry that I left my phone in the car while I was on the beach.

All the dogs  enjoy the freedom afforded to them here.  Fortunately Lotte doesn’t like going into the water but her best friend does.  Can you imagine the state that an Afghan Hound gets into?  Running into the sea and then rolling in the sand.  Luckily I always have a towel for Lotte in the car and so it came in very useful for Major today.

Then round to a very casual cafe on the beach.  It is housed in part of what  used to be an Air Force base.  I think they have taken over part of the submarine mining depot barracks.  In any event it is well worth the drive and particularly on such a great day.

Chocolate Fish Cafe

Photo - Google Images

They have an unusual range of chairs.  Each has a different saying on it.  One I saw today said:

Woman drove me to drink

Photo - Google Images

Sorry no photos from me today.  Didn’t know this was what today’s blog was going to be about.

Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us, and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage.
Agnes Repplier
, American essayist. 1855-1950.

Chasing Chickens and Cows

Man is rated the highest animal, at least among all animals who returned the questionnaire.  ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com

I was reminded yesterday of a very funny incident in my life.

Fast backwards to 1998 when I was staying with my son and his family following the untimely death of my ‘not so young’ dashing Scotsman.

Their children were 3 and about 18 months at the time.  Two delightful little boys who thought their Granma was close to perfect.  How times change.  I wonder if they think that still!

My son lives about 45 kms from town and has a house that sits on 6 acres of land.  It is quite rural and it was decided that all that was needed to make this idyllic place complete was a couple of calves and some chickens.  James at 3 adopted one of the calves and named her.  Robbie was too small to even begin to understand animals vs people.

Anyway, there was a big rugby game on in town and my son and daughter-in-law took themselves off to that leaving me in charge.

It was a beautiful spring day.   The calves were in a paddock close to the house and the chickens roamed freely around the property.   While the little boys slept  a friend arrived to see me.  A peaceful afternoon in the country.

But no – when said friend  went out to her car she saw that the calves were wandering around the driveway.  This caused some panic as State Highway One runs at the bottom of this driveway.

Farmyard animals

Picture this – two 60 year old women attempting to get the cows back into the paddock while the cows were determined to get onto the road.  Much shooing and pushing followed accompanied all the time by six chickens flying around and squawking madly.  The dog (a young, quite large mixed breed) was running around barking and causing more mayhem.  And my friend who thought the whole scene hilarious, was falling about laughing.  Then of course, amidst the noise and laughter both boys woke up and the baby started to cry.

Eventually the baby was quieted, the bigger boy was given afternoon tea, the cows were back where they belonged although the darned chickens still roamed freely and two exhausted women sat and had another cup of tea.

“Right said Fred, both of us together, one each end and steady as we go
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Right said Fred, give a shout to Charlie, up comes Charlie from the floor below
After straining, heaving and complaining, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea”

Read the rest of this ditty here


I am definitely a  ‘townie’ and this experience confirmed it and brought home to me how different life in town is to life in the country.










Flat Packs

One of the bloggers that I follow is Hallysan at Photographic Memories.  In a recent blog acknowledging an award, she had to give us seven things about herself.  One was that she was good with her hands and that caused me to comment that I was not and flat packs send me into a spin.

I remember one particular time when a flat pack was in order.  I had arrived in London in time for Christmas and was staying with my sister.  A few days before Christmas Day a flat-pack arrived by courier.  My sister had ordered a toy kitchen for one of her grand-daughters.

We opened the package and saw how many pieces needed to be put together, so in the hope that her son would turn up in the next few days, we closed the box and put it aside.

The days passed and Christmas Eve arrived but her son didn’t, so we were faced with putting this toy together.  The first warning read “Not to be assembled by anyone under 10 years” (or words to that effect).  Then there were the usual warnings about small items and small children but hey – we were two adult, grown-up Grandmothers.  We could do this!

My sister is much better with her hands than am I – in fact both sisters are and it would be hard to find anyone who wasn’t.  So she would put the pieces together ie build the kitchen and I would read the instructions and pass the requisite screws, screwdriver, stickers, parts etc.  We were doing very well until I turned over two pages in the instruction book.  Yes, there was a book and it had been translated into English from Chinese, we think by Goofy and his pals.  It made hilarious reading.  I wish I had known the Good Greatsby then and his command of Chinglish it would have been very useful.

Imagine this.  Two adult women surrounded by pieces of a toy kitchen, screws, stickers etc and having no idea how to put it all together.  Hours passed in discussion on how to do this, interspersed with shrieks of laughter when first one thing and then another either didn’t fit or hallelujah it did fit!

Then telephone calls to nieces and nephews in London, to family and friends in New Zealand and to elder sister in Los Angeles.  They all shared in the hilarity and passed comment and advice while we tried to put this danged thing together.

My mobile phone bill reached an all-time high and we did too.  Eventually, a rather wobbly kitchen was put together but my nephew commented the next day that one of the panels was in upside down or round the wrong way, but the four-year-old for whom it was intended loved it anyway.

So no more flat packs for me.  I enjoyed the exercise of putting it together but oh dear me, at the end of it we were left with about thirty extra screws.  I wonder where they were meant to go?  And I never enquired as to how long the kitchen stayed upright.  I left shortly after Christmas and it never came up in conversation again.


As I have said before sisters are the best friends and they are also the best people with whom to share such an experience.

“A hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.”
Author Unknown














Today’s Lesson

Today I realized something – or remembered it.

There is an upside to everything.  While preparing dinner today I reached up to put away the box with the rice.  As I did so I knocked the one next to it and yes, you’ve guessed it all the boxes came tumbling down.  Just like a pack of dominoes.  The box holding the pasta flew open and I was faced with about 1kg of pasta over the bench and the floor, even some onto the cook top where dinner was simmering.

Boxes in Larder

Boxes returned to larder

A few choice words in my head, a visitation from my sleepy little companion and then I started to laugh.  It was easy to sweep up the pasta but what if it had been flour or sugar?  Imagine the mess then.

So the upside is the floor has been swept today, it was easily cleared up and my little dog had great fun walking through the spilled pasta. Perhaps spilling the pasta should be added to my Gratitude List.

As they say – It’s no good crying over spilled milk (or pasta).

So until tomorrow