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Yet More on the Bonnets

A few days ago I wrote about Promises to Keep and was reminded that several of my posts ended in To Be Continued..and in fact they never had been continued.  So I am making a concerted effort to make good and keep those promises made.

Today I shall start with the continuing saga of The Bonnets.  In case you don’t know this saga started in June when Sallyann of Photographic Memories wrote a post about some bonnets left in a taxi cab and suggested that I might come up with the answer to why they were there.

Bonnets in taxi

Photo thanks to Sallyann at Photographic Memories.
Click on the picture to go to Sallyann’s post.

If you are interested in reading this saga, the links will appear at the foot of this post.

Caroline Fortescue (more usually known as Daisie) borrowed a couple of her grandmother’s hats to go to a 1950s party with her friend Charlotte.  Of course, her grandmother Maisie was delighted to lend the girls a couple of hats and she and her two best friends Juliet and Imogen entered into the spirit and produced some hats of their own for the girls to choose which they preferred.

The party was a success (?) but when the girls awoke the next day the bonnets were missing and they had to confess to Maisie et al.  Another string of adventures followed while the bonnets were located but as is usually the case with Maisie and friends involved, all didn’t go smoothly.  In recovering the bonnets the two ladies stopped off for a light lunch before which they indulged in some shopping during which they each bought a new hat.  And you’ve guessed it, the new hats to which the two ladies had treated themselves were lost during the course of the day.

So now the story continues…Thomas   Stazyk commented after the last post “Yes . . . and what about that swarthy gentleman in the Panama hat seen lurking in the department store and later driving past Maisie’s in a late model sports car?” So that takes the story off in yet another direction.

After her two friends left, Maisie sat pondering the question of where were the new hats?  She remembered she and Juliet had them at lunch and was sure that they had taken them to the lost property office.  She recalled placing the bag containing the hats at her feet while she filled out the required form to take away the bonnets but had no recollection of what happened after that.  So the very next morning she called the lost property office and having spoken to the same very helpful young woman, found that the hats were indeed just where they had left them the day before.  Maisie thought to herself that any cleaner working for her would be instantly dismissed if she/he didn’t see such a large parcel on the floor when completing the evening cleaning tasks.

Anyway, so the bonnets were found and could be returned to their rightful owners.  Juliet was called as was Imogen.  Neither lady wished to upset their friend again in leaving her out of the adventure.  Then having agreed where to meet,  all three sallied forth yet again to recover their new hats and have a light luncheon before returning home.  And the swarthy gentleman?  Well that really does have to be the subject of yet another post.

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Question time

White clock with words Time for Questions on its face

Many questions that arise these days were never even contemplated when my parents were alive.  And if they were still alive Mother would be 100 and Father 99.

A recent post from Winsomebella posed such a question.  What to wear to a family gathering when your ex husband’s new wife/partner/lover is also to be there.  Well of course, when my parents were young divorce was never spoken of.  In the years of my childhood we only knew one divorced woman and she eventually married an uncle much to the dismay of the rest of the family.  I am sure that my mother only welcomed them into our house to annoy the other family members.

And of course the other side to Winsombella’s question – what to wear if you are the new wife/partner/lover and about to meet your new love’s family at a family gathering, en masse  and maybe for  the first time.  I suggest that this person has the bigger problem.  I can imagine the hours of contemplation given to what to wear.  In all probability the family are on the side of the ex-wife and they may be critical of this person, maybe even blaming her for the break-up of the marriage.

And if she was indeed the reason for the marriage disintegrating well…Although I must say here, that this person could not have been the reason.  She may well have been the impetus or maybe even the catalyst, but any marriage that ends in divorce must surely have some problems prior to another party coming onto the scene.  As an aside – I am in no way an expert on the question of divorce.  I was one of the lucky ones.  My marriage lasted for 41 years until the death of my husband.  So these comments are my own and made from watching other marriages wither and die.

But back to the question, and it probably applies equally to men or women.  Our blogging friend Winsomebella has reached the stage in life where she knows and likes herself and we look forward to a post on the baptism complete with photographs of this lovely, serene grandmother.

I have yet another book to introduce to you.  It is “365 Reflections on Grandmothers”.   More on this book in another post but for now, to our blogging friend Winsomebella I give her this quote:

“Grandmothers don’t have to do anything,
except be there”.  Patsy Gray

Bouquet of roses