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Blond, Beautiful, Bright, Brilliant Blogger

Gala Darline

Have you heard of Gala Darling?  Born in Wellington New Zealand and named Amy by her parents she has arrived in New York and reinvented herself.  She has changed her name officially to Gala Darling and is now the darling of the blogosphere.

I discovered this gem on TV recently – see the item here.  She is a young woman with style and presence.  She has around 500,000 hits per month on her blog.  That’s an amazing number of hits.

She advertises on her blog and it makes money.  She advertises such products as Coach handbags.  She claims to make in excess of $100,000 per month.

She says she is always writing and is now about to publish a book.  She has an agent and the publisher is the one that published ‘The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Girl With the Pearl Earring“.

So I say – good on you.  Well done Gala.  See what you think.