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The Bonnets – Part 3.

The day of the party dawned….

The two girls were very excited.  They had all the right clothes, including hats, handbags and shoes, and were really looking forward to the party.

The day seemed to drag by.  They met for lunch and some desultory window shopping but all the time they were willing the hours to pass until party time.  It was agreed that Charlotte would come around to Daisie’s to get ready and then they would be driven to the party by Hudson, the chauffeur.  It was also agreed that they would call the house when they were ready to be picked up again, or if it was after midnight, they would get a taxi home.  Charlotte was to spend the night and so the girls would be together at all times.

And now it was time to get ready.  Much giggling and hilarity accompanied the getting dressed and Juliet, Daisie’s mother joined in.  Some of clothes that came from Maisie’s she remembered seeing all those years ago when her mother dressed to go out.  And she was a trifle wistful remembering when she too was excited about going to a party with her friends.

The car was brought around and Hudson was given strict instructions by Juliet not to leave the girls until he saw them safely into the house.  Juliet was a little concerned at the thought of the two girls in an unknown house in an unknown district.  But she consoled herself with the thought that while Daisie might appear to be flighty she was really a very sensible young woman.

When they arrived the party was in full swing. Loud music and very loud voices. So many people were there that it was difficult to hear oneself speak and as for finding anyone in the throng..well that was almost impossible.

Almost immediately, the two girls got separated and each was pulled into a group, given a glass of suspicious looking punch, offered cigarettes and some other dubious things and didn’t see each other again for some time.

There was dancing and somebody had produced a karaoke machine with 1950s songs and everybody had to take a turn at the microphone.  The two girls were really enjoying themselves.  Around 1am Daisie, being the most sensible of the two, thought they should go home.  But Charlotte was with a group who were going on to a nightclub and she wanted them both to go with them.

Somewhat reluctantly, Daisie agreed, and the group set off in several cars.  Once again the girls were separated.  The noise at the club was even louder than it had been at the party and Daisie quickly developed a headache and decided that she just had to go home.  But Charlotte was not ready to leave.  There was a slight argument between the two.  Daisie was well aware that her mother thought the girls were still at the party and didn’t know how she would react if she knew they were at a somewhat sleazy nightclub.

After some pleading, Daisie managed to persuade Charlotte to leave with her.  They declined the offer of a lift home in somebody’s car – how much had they all drunk that night – and called for a taxi.

It duly arrived and the two girls climbed into the back….

Photo thanks to Sallyann at Photographic Memories.
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The Bonnets – Part 2

Did you read yesterday’s post.  No I meant the part after my rant about WordPress.  Sallyann set a challenge for me :-


Photo thanks to Sallyann at Photographic Memories

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Daisie had planned to go to her grandmother’s for tea that day.  However, she had a call from her friend Charlotte inviting her to a 1950’s party that weekend. The requirement was to dress up in 1950s clothes and to do this the girls had to go to a party hire shop to find the right clothes.

A telephone call to Maisie (who really hadn’t been expecting her granddaughter that afternoon) quickly established that Maisie wouldn’t be on her own as Juliet and Imogen were coming round for tea.

The two girls set off in high spirits.  They knew most of the people who would be at the party and were looking forward to meeting them again and perhaps meeting a few new and interesting people.

Unlike her grandmother and friends, these girls were used to finding their own way around town.  They were used to hopping on and off buses and tube trains.  They quickly worked out the best way to travel across town to reach the party hire shop.  All through the journey they talked and made plans, each outdoing the other in what they thought they would like to wear.

Shop closed sign

But what a disappointment.  They arrived only to find the shop closed for the day.  They hadn’t thought of phoning first having assumed all shops were open every day.  So they took themselves off for lunch and a discussion on where else they might find some 1950s clothes.

Suddenly, Daisie had a bright idea.  Wouldn’t Maisie, who was known to be a bit of a hoarder, have some clothes from that era?  Finishing their lunch they retraced their steps across town and arrived at Maisie’s in time for tea and in time to meet the Terrible Trio all together. Of course, Daisie had met them all before and had seen them all together, but for Charlotte it was a trifle overwhelming.

Having had a jolly good tea with the three women, Daisie broached the subject of clothes to her grandmother.  Maisie enthusiastically entered into the swing of things, telling the girls that she did indeed have some clothes that might fit the bill, and also encouraging her friends to seek out what they still had.  It was agreed that the girls would return the next day for lunch with the three women and that would give them plenty of time to try on the clothes and choose whatever was suitable.  And being Daisie she reminded the other two women that hats were required.

1950s dresses

The next day dawned bright and sunny and the two girls met up to go to Maisie’s for lunch.  They were excited thinking about what clothes could possibly be on offer.  Of course, the women would have been older than the girls were now in the 1950s but nevertheless they were sure they would find something suitable to wear.

And what a lovely surprise they had.  On entering Maisie’s house they saw two very large suitcases parked in the hall and heard the chatter of female voices coming from the morning room.  They let themselves in and found the friends reminiscing about the 50s.

Lunch over the women and girls got down to the task of trying on and choosing clothes.  Maisie, as expected, had a hoard of dresses, jackets and hats to add to the two suitcases that were brought in from the hall by Jackson the maid.

What fun they all had.  Much giggling when clothes that were so outdated in 2005 were tried on.  But eventually they each decided on a dress, jacket or coat, shoes and of course a hat.  And what very pretty hats these were.  Not the sensible hats that were on display in the milliners just around the corner from Juliet’s house but concoctions of lace and flowers.  Any woman would smile if she were wearing one of these.

Tea was served by Jackson and then, clutching their trophies the two young women left the house.  As they made their way to their homes, they congratulated themselves on being so inventive.

The day of the party dawned…..

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