I Gotta Horse

Thoughts on growing up.

A World Apart

You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen,
heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there.
Everything influences each of us, and because of that

I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.”
Maya Angelou

Saturday was our day for visiting the market with mother to get supplies for the week.  Our local market was in Ridley Road and I have written about street markets in my other blog – if you are interested in my meanderings here is the link –Down Memory Lane.

But Sundays we were taken to another market by father and here we discovered Prince Monolulu and his catchcry “I gotta horse”. Prince Monolulu (real name was Peter Mackay) was a huge, larger than life West Indian gent togged out in his finery and offering tips on the horses to anyone who would listen. He made his money…

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More Monday Musing

Thoughts on a wet Monday.

A World Apart

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

Last week I decided that at my vast age, I should slow down somewhat.  With all my activities I am out every day with something to do, people to meet, an interest group to attend, and ailing friends to visit.  I changed some visits, to meeting fortnightly instead of weekly and decided there were some interest groups that I could continue to attend in an ad hoc way, and I would join no further groups.

Forward to today.Monday 9 May 2022.The first day of my replanned life.A committee meeting before our monthly Probus meeting, a total of four hours.So, with my new plan in place, I should have decided that was enough and then gone home.Err – what do they say about the best laid plans?After declining the invitation for…

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The Neglected Five Word Friday – on a Saturday!

Thanks Chris

A World Apart

A few months ago JB and LA decided to implement Five Word Friday for the first Friday of each month.

LA was brilliant with an exclamation about her fave team!

And AWA? Let’s just say our Five Words that did not show up yesterday are”


A few weeks ago, struck by twin Muses a world apart, we began a flurry of fine writing that changed:

Our schedules (once a week became twice to discuss progress and character and plot development)

Our minds in how we perceive and conceive,

Our Priorities (meaning the every day routines that kept our lives and homes orderly have um… perhaps taken a step down in importance *At least one of us – alright it’s me, is champing at the bit to get going, but looking around I see I will spend some time this morning doing a bit of…

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Here Be Dragons

What’s on your mind on this lovely Saturday?

A World Apart

I published a post in July 2011 on this subject. I decided to update it and use it for today’s post. I knew little about dragons when I wrote that post and know still know very little. But it is interesting, for me to note how myths live on and on, in particular the myth applied to early mapmakers.

When you are describing,
A shape, or sound, or tint;
Don’t state the matter plainly,
But put it in a hint;
And learn to look at all things,
With a sort of mental squint.”
~Lewis Carroll

Let there be dragons or anything else your mind or imagination can conjure up. We do have total and absolute control over our imagination. Others can make suggestions as in when reading a book and imagining the setting but only we can use our imagination as we see fit.

Those of you very clever bloggers…

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Seeing your reflection in words

Chris, deep in thought again!

A World Apart

Have you ever started to read something and been taken aback/astounded/puzzled that you find your self looking at, well, yourself?

That happened to me this morning when I was reading an article about Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlinson, two of my favourite women, especially in their roles in Grace and Frankie.

“My dad was married five times,”the actress, 83, recently toldHarper’s Bazaarin an“Explains it All” video. “So I stopped at three, realizing that I just wasn’t dealt a hand that made me good at relationships.

She attributes losing herself in those relationships to a natural chameleonic quality, which she explained inBazaar’s print interview. “Part of the reason I get into a relationship with a man is because I feel that he can take me down a new path,” she said. “I’m attracted to people who can teach me things and…

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Orphan Annie follow-up

I love that I have a tenuous relationship to Orphan Annie through my sister.

A World Apart

Yesterday JB’s post was about friendship and serendipity and all about how closely we are intertwined and don’t even realize it. JB referred to my Orphan Annie story and so from 5 years ago here is the story and circumstance as referenced. Thanks to JB for taking me back in time.

Research is a wonderful thingand there is always a story within a story, within a story. The very word ‘research’ tickles something deep in my cerebral cortex. I have discovered that nothing comes to fruition on one’s own. Links are found and must be followed and where they lead may not be anywhere close to where you thought you wanted to go. And sometimes in a very round about fashion they take you right back to exactly where you wanted to go in the first place,

Do you believe in serendipity; chance occurrences that result in a…

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My thoughts for today.

A World Apart

“Friendship … is born at the moment when
one man says to another 
“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” 
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

I have written before about my friendship with blogging friends around the world and in particular, Chris at Bridges Burning with whom I have regular Facetime visits.   In 2017 Chris was researching an ancestor whom she referred to as ‘Orphan Annie’. One day she mentioned that this ancestor had been born in Hackney in the East End of London.  Well, this is where I was born and brought up.  She knew the address of the children’s home into which Annie had been placed by her father after the death of her mother. I offered the help of my sister who lives in the UK and who visits Hackney regularly to meet her family members who still live there.

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Chris’s thoughts for today

Photo by George Dolgikh @ Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com I guess a better question is, what makes you grateful? no, that doesn’t sound right either. Better to tell you what transpired and maybe you will have a better grasp of the question in question. This morning my brother, his wife, and my two sisters met for […]

Where does your gratitude come from? — A World Apart

Walking With A Friend

Meandering again and it’s not even Monday.

A World Apart

“When I’m in turmoil, when I can’t think
when I’m exhausted and afraid
and feeling very, very alone, I go for walks.
It’s just one of those things I do.”

―Jim Butcher, American author. 1971 –

I am enjoying one of those weekends with Daisydog.For those new to this blog, or those who may have forgotten, Daisydog is my No 1 grandson’s dog.As is so often the case, James moved on, Daisydog stayed with his parents.And now I have the pleasure of spending occasional weekends minding her when my son and daughter-in-law are away.

Daisydog is getting old and she quite likes walking with me because we walk at the same pace – two elderly ladies out keeping each other company. As soon as I mention the word she takes off to get her collar from the handle of the drawer.

Yesterday, yet another beautiful autumn day, 20we…

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Fumbling on Friday!

Friday”s Thoughts

A World Apart

“Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you a headache, twist your face to look stupid.
Instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur 1994 –

On a beautiful autumn Friday, I made my way north on the recently completed multibillion-dollar highway.Until early last month, getting to my son’s house some 45km from mine, followed the road through suburbs, towns, and small villages, with, of course, the ubiquitous/necessary traffic lights on the way.Now, it’s non-stop and quite an interesting drive.In places, the road sits high above the populated areas.The only other time I have been on the road I was a passenger and so could see what was beneath us.As a driver I was amazed at the engineering work carried out to bring this road into being.


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