A World Apart

I haven’t talked much about the fantastic resort in Bali to which we recently went. It is classed as 5-stars, but over the years I have been in many 5-star hotels and resorts and I have never seen anything come close to this one. But more of that later.

Today I want to tell you about one of the restaurants in the resort. It is called Koral and it is a joy to behold. The food is amazing, the presentation is in a class of its own but the piece de résistance is the fish swimming around and coming up to the glass, so close almost on your plates and eating with you.

This was a constant show and at one stage a diver went down into the water among the fish. They detected no threat and so ignored him. He came over and tapped on the window beside us…

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Saturday a world away

A World Apart

JB certainly made the most of her Saturday, even though it was spent binge watching. It was fun to follow her episodes as they unraveled quite a tale that passes for drama these days. Her last comment was hilarious.

Here, in Canada, Ontario that is it was quite a different sort of day.

First, it was a sunny day at 0C when I headed out to meet my SIL at the mall to get some walking and shopping done. Within two hours it was warm and soon 16C.

What usually takes half an hour to get there took over an hour as the trains weren’t running (our inner city light rail system). I didn’t know it at the time but a truck tried going head on with the train. Silly truck.

After reaching the first 5000 steps we broke for a lovely lunch. A bit more walking, and discussion of…

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Saturday Again

Oops, I missed this one.

A World Apart

For years I played Six Word Saturday so although the blog no longer exists, I am playing it today.

Describe your day in six words and then tell about it.

Wet outside, so day spent inside

What to do on a rainy Wellington Spring day? Well, sit inside of course and read or binge watch TV.

I have to say that I don’t watch TV very often but this afternoon I binge-watched Chesapeake Shores on Netflix. if you haven’t watched it, briefly it is about a family pretty well-heeled (is that an expression you use?) living an almost idyllic life in a small community on the shore of the lake. This is series 6 although I am not sure that I watched all the other series.

Anyway, this is an interesting family. A divorced daughter with two daughters of her own, a daughter who is a famous author and a…

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Time Flies and Times Change

More Memories

A World Apart

The bad news is time flies.
The good news is you’re the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler, American Author and Speaker 

October 31st and it seems like no time at all since we were celebrating the birth of 2022. Soon it will be 2023 and then later in that year, we will be making the same comments.

Today has been another day with no thought on what to write. Those days seems to be getting more and more often these days.

So I looked back on some of the posts I wrote in my early blogging career. And I found one that I particularly like.

As an introduction, I must say that we thought we had no relatives in New Zealand apart from the four of us, the children’s spouses and their children.

That changed in about 1985/86. Christmas morning. My DYS (Dashing Young Scotsman) was preparing Christmas lunch/dinner for the family and…

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Thoughts for Thursday

A World Apart

I have talked before about a blog I follow, Murder is Everywhere (MIE). This is a group of thriller/murder writers who have banded together. to make MIE. Unfortunately, the founding member has since died, but his plans for this continue.

Each day a different member posts a blog and I start my day with the first cup of Earl Grey, sitting in bed reading who has said what today.

A few days ago, one of the bloggers, Annamaria had a post headed Limericks for Mental Health. Apparently, she has been writing limericks for many years and says she uses them to let off steam. Americas 

Here is the Link so you can read the whole thing.

With her approval I am copying the opening limerick here.-

“Every Sunday Patricia must blog
On a subject she chooses to flog, 
But she cannot today
Her brain’s not okay
It’s stuck in a…

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A Day or Two in the Life of an Octogenarian

And now – home again

A World Apart

All good things end and on Sunday, our stay in Bali ended. However, we put plenty into the available time. We were picked up and taken for lunch by friends. after a 2-hour drive through traffic, very busy but well-behaved, and with the driver and our host arguing about where we should turn, we ended up at the wrong beach and the people in the other car were not there. iI was 30 degrees in the shade, of which there was little. We eventually all met up and then began the trek to where these friends thought we had been the last time – the restaurant closed and six weary folks looking for another.

Lunch was good though not at all Balinese, and then it was time to leave. Meantime, one of the others, a Muslim, had taken off to find a temple and once again we were waiting for…

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Trouble with WordPress (is not the trouble)

My friend Chris to the tescue


Trouble with WordPress (is not the trouble)

This post was written by Judith in April 2017. I, her counterpart here at AWA am reposting this in her absence. This particular day JB’s WordPress was acting up, but today, the difficulty is Life Gets in the Way. And all the plans, schedules, intentions go awry. I thought I would look back at her trove of verbal treasures, and there are many. But I chose this one today, because of the sign below. So come with me and take a peek at what was on her mind five and a half years ago, Chris G *Reposted from AWA

Today has been one of those days.

First, I lost a blog post that had been published, it attractedat least one comment. So I redid that post.

Then my site theme was lost and I have spent the last several hours trying to reinvent…

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Poetry Poetry Everywhere Poetry

A World Apart

Almost everything I read today

Was poetic and rhythmic

It had that sway.

Some rhymed, some chimed,

Some not at all

But the words

Had the power

To completely enthrall.

To take one’s mind

From a dreary world

To soothe the soul

Of a weary girl.

Therein lies

The point of it all,

The beauty of words

The beauty of worlds.

A poet I will never be

But Your words

I read with a definite glee.

So from here

At North of 43

I say goodnight

Quite happily!!

Chris G October 13th ‘22

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Thursday’s Tribulation

More Madness Methinks!

A World Apart

“What day is it? asked Winnie the Pooh.
It’s today, squeaked Piglet.
My favourite day, said Pooh.

Good afternoon from far away New Zealand. Well far away for many of you!

And today I am in despair. From being praised around the world for how we managed the pandemic, and to a great extent, controlled it; to our Prime Minister being lauded wherever she went – she even took her newborn to the UN; to being in the forefront of the race against single-use plastic, and there is a whole new raft of items that will no longer be allowed from October 6; to finally becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes. And yes, the pun was intended.

Around the world, we/you read of the latest nonsense being promulgated by our government. Headlines around the world proclaim New Zealand outlines plans to tax livestock burps, farts

And with a population…

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Possibly bits of news

A World Apart

A busy enough pleasant day mostly living in the moment getting errands done.

So that also means a day not consuming news. As a matter of fact on this Saturday evening I am watching uh, rewatching episodes of As Time Goes By.

Some folk never ‘rewatch’, but it a form of relaxation for me.

But I thought I would take a look, at the news, briefly, to see if anything caught my eye.

How to cut costs without sucking all the joy out of life: I passed it by.

Scientists have discovered a new set of Blood Groups: I passed it by.

Want to live longer? Influence your genes.: Nope

Hockey Canada interim board chair submits resignation: Nope

3 Canadian Cities Were Named Among the Best in the World:Tempted but no.

Markets plunge…..Hell no.

So I guess the News of the Day is – No news makes a…

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