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Finding your Focus

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”  Jim Rohn, Motivational speaker and author.  1930 – 2009.

You will find that I often quote Jim Rohn.  He was one of those magical people who had the power to motivate one to become so much more.  His was a rags to riches story and I will tell this in another blog, at another time.  But for now –

I am off again following other people’s blogs.  I read this one today from Duke at Change is Never Ending and it reminded me of an article I wrote for a magazine a couple of years ago.  I thought it would follow on nicely to Duke’s blog.
So here it is:


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In today’s busy and ever-changing world, we can easily become overwhelmed. You have made your resolutions and set your goals for change, but now it seems you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start.  At this stage it is easy to lose our enthusiasm for the changes we wish to make.

Would you like to be sure that with each step you are heading in the right direction?  The following questions will help you narrow
down your ‘To Do’ list and help you work towards your goals in a clearly defined

First, ask yourself:

  1. What do I really want to do?  Doing what you want to do is a process of identifying those things you really don’t want to do and replacing them with those things you do want to do to bring you closer to your goals.  This will take time, but over time you will find you include more of the things you want  to do.
  2. What do I care about most? When you identify these things and do what you care about most you will begin to feel better about yourself.
  3. How do I feel when I am doing what I am doing?You may be on the wrong track if doing what you are doing does not give you joy and make you happy.   Working towards a goal is satisfying if it is filling you with happiness while you are doing it. The expectation of satisfaction on reaching the goal will keep you motivated.  Cultivate the feeling of having achieved that goal.  How will it feel?
  4. Why am I doing this? Clearly identify that what you are doing is moving you in the right direction, towards one or more of your goals. This will allow you to be living Your Life Your Way™.
  5. What shall I do now?  Create a list of all the things you care about and all the things you really want to do. Prioritize  them (A, B and C).

Answering questions 1 to 4 will help you narrow your focus on the things that are
really important. Spend the most time  and energy on items marked A and B.
You may find that items marked with aC become even less important and after
several days they might even fall off your ‘To Do List’.

Pen and notebook

Action Plan
After answering the questions and creating your ‘To Do List’, create an Action Plan. Each of the things in your above list will need mini-action plans and these form your Action Plan. Remember this is not a static thing. It is ever-changing and evolving.  As you reach one goal, it becomes replaced with another.  Only focus on one or two items at a time.  If you try to do everything you will be overwhelmed and the likelihood is you will become disheartened.  Remember to reward yourself as and when you complete each item – a trip to the beauty parlour, a new magazine, lunch with friends or just simply getting up from your desk and walking or sitting in the fresh air.  Keep in mind that nothing will  happen without action and you must take the first step.  Your Action Plan will keep you moving in the right direction.

Success sign
Take time to consider the five questions and then create your ‘To Do list’. If you
determine and clearly act on your focus, you will live a fuller and richer life.

Practice makes perfect

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.”  William Blake,  1757 –  1827 English poet, painter, and printmaker.

Judith Baxter, Platinum Author Registered & Protected


It is 2011 Right?

“A little touch of powder and a little bit of paint makes a girl look just what she aint.” 

The above ditty was quoted to us so often when we were growing up.  My Father loved it and said it with a twinkle in his eye and delight at seeing his girls dressed up to go out.  I have no idea where it came from but I love it and keep it as a memory of my Dad.


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I read in yesterday’s Guardian Newspaper of a woman being forced to choose between wearing makeup and resigning her job at Harrods.  This iconic London store apparently has a dress code for both men and women employed in the store.  The two-page “ladies” dress code stipulates: “Full makeup at all time: base, blusher, full eyes (not too heavy), lipstick, lip liner and gloss are worn at all time and maintained discreetly”  There is an after-note in brackets saying  “please take into account the store display lighting which has a ‘washing out’ effect.”

This young woman has been employed in the store for 5 years  three of them part-time while a philosophy, religion and ethics student at King’s College London, and the last two years full-time after completing her masters.  She has received only excellent reports from Managers on her performance at work.

A Harrods spokeswoman said: “All our staff are subject to a dress code which they sign up to on joining the company, which relates to an overall polished appearance. Our records show that discussions with (this employee) concerned a general lack of adherence to the dress code. However, no action was taken and she subsequently decided to leave the business of her own accord with no reference made to dress code.”

However, it is also reported that at a meeting with the floor manager she was told  “You’ve got two options. You wear make up or you leave”.

I have only once been asked to adhere to a dress code and that was in the form of a uniform.  This was in a service industry – a car hire company – and everybody wore the uniform provided by the company.  I didn’t object to this.

Harrods also stipulates for women:

“Hair Trimmed regularly and styled to flatter features. May have subtle highlights or colour but must be natural looking and complementary to skin tone. No regrowth.  Jewellery One earring per ear. Pearls or diamond studs preferred. One ring per hand with exception of wedding & engagement rings. No visible tattoos, sovereigns, mismatched jewellery, scrunchies, large clips or hoop earrings.  Footwear Smart black leather shoes such as court shoes with stiletto or kitten heel.”

I think it is time that Harrods re-wrote their Ladies Dress Code to keep up with the times.  I do think it is going too far in this day and age to insist that a saleswoman wear makeup.  What do you think?

And now this well thought of, well-educated young woman has to find another job where her talents will be recognized even if she doesn’t wear make-up.

What do you think about dress codes, choosing whether to wear make up,  an employer’s right to demand this etc etc?

Beauty is about perception, not about make-up. I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself. You can’t put on make-up, or dress yourself, or do you hair with any sort of fun or joy if you’re doing it from a position of correction.
Kevyn Aucoin,  American make-up artist and photographer. 1962 -2002

Judith Baxter, Platinum Author Registered & Protected