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Three Books Aren’t Too Many

Chris adds herFiveWord Friday and directs us to the third member of this group.


Yesterday on AWA Five Word Friday, the first Friday of each month where we describe in Five Words exactly, our life or thoughts in the moment. This is the brain child of my partner here at AWA and LA our New York blogging friend.

So you get to read JB’s Five Word Friday the day before you get to read ours, her side of the world occurring one day before ours. BTW LA’s today isBarcelona is an awesome place!Sorta gives you an idea about where she is currently. And JB’s isTime out from Care Home.

It wasn’t difficult to come up with my five words.

Three Books Aren’t Too Many

Below are the three from my library, on my iPad.

I’ve been in a Jeffery Deaver kind of mood, having just finished his latestThe Midnight Lock.

James Patterson by James Pattersoncaught my eye –…

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Storms and aging….not related but…

Once again, Chris gives us More to think about.


The storm over my house Aug 3rd ‘22

Below are excerpts from a most interesting article that caught my eye this morning. Click on the title below for the full article.But first I am in the middle of a storm here so I had to put in a photo taken off my balcony. We don’t get a lot of tornadoes here, at least not in Kitchener, but the warning applied right here.

The most threatening part of the storm moved through fairly quickly followed by rain, thunder and hail storms. We could use a good few hours of rain but I am not sure that will happen, It’s still a dark and stormy night here but a normal one. The Kind I like.

So what got me so excited about the article below? You probably already know Judith, my partner here at AWA, and I fully embrace not embracing the…

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A World Apart

In a recent post, Chris showed us a yellow door that caused many comments from our followers.I have always loved doors and door decoration and Chris’s post got me thinking about the many doors I have looked at and wondered about in my very long life.

Several years ago, whilst visiting my sister in London, we took a day to visit SallyAnn of Photographic Memories who lived in Oxford then.

Amongst the things we saw was this Narnia Door.Most of us know the story ofThe Lion, The Witch and The Broomstickby C S Lewis andThe Tales ofNarnia on our tour around Oxford SallyAnn took us to seeThe Narnia Door. But I still wonder what is behind that door.

And years later after theLord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbitwere a worldwide success, we took a friend to Hobbiton, a village set…

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A World Apart

I thinking just a wee bit about perspective today. No, no, I know it is a huge subject and anyone of us could go on forever about all aspects of perspective.

Mostly I was thinking about a quaint village not far from my city as I looked though some photos from a previous visit.

And I noticed something I had not before.

I remember soaking up the feelings evoked by the place. The beauty of it, The smells. The quaintness of it. A visual that it looked like a Hallmark card in real time. You get the idea.

I love looking at photos. They don’t even have to be mine. I don’t even have to know the people in them. I can’t adequately explain how they make me feel.

Anyway, the photo above made me think about the beautiful flowers and bushes and I sighed at the memory of how…

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What Came First?

Mother nature up to her tricks again!

A World Apart

Mother Nature is once again shaking her skirts. Is she not taking her meds?
For the past couple of weeks, we have been bombarded with torrential rain and according to the Wellington City Council, today’s slip was the 56th since July 20th, requiring intervention by the Council.

via Stuff

Today, several residents in our suburb were awakened by loud noises, rumbling and what has been described by some as “a pressure sound”.  A huge slip and a broken water main greeted them. The street was completely blocked with fallen trees, power lines and debris.

According to a fireman on the scene “Several trees were resting on live power lines after the slip” and “It was a chicken and egg situation whether the slip was caused by the broken water main, or the slip broke the water main”.  

Now, some people face a night without power on a cold winter night,  and some…

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Friday Fashions

A World Apart

A picture containing graphical user interface

Description automatically generatedYesterday, with the other three members of MASS (Mutual Admiration Society Sisters) I went to an exhibition entitled Carry Me. This was a celebration of 100 years of handbags.

The introduction claimed “An exquisite exhibition showcasing the history of handbags over the last 100 years

” ‘Carry Me’ is a boutique collection of over 50 classic (and sometimes curious) and infamously luxurious handbags connected to some of the most iconic and famous fashionistas of the last century; Including Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Lady Diana. (sic)From private Italian collections and exclusive to Upper Hutt, this exhibition is your chance to celebrate what has become much more than a mere fashion accessory, but a commentary on society and culture.”

Some of the handbags were well known to us, for instance, the Louis Vuitton tote bag, which has been around for many years; The Jackie Bag designed for Jackie Kennedy by…

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Thursday’s Thoughts

Random thoughts running around my head.

A World Apart

My turn to write a blog today and I am faced with a blank screen and an equally blank mind.

This morning I read this from Nancy atNot Quite Oldand I started thinking back to all the posts I have written on fiction with a limit on number of words or sentences.

When asked, ‘How do you write?’ I invariably answer,
‘one word at a time.’ Stephen King

For years I have followed Tara atThin spiral notebook.Each week she set us a prompt and the challenge was to write fiction using a specified word in 100 words, no more, no less.Quite a challenge always. Tara hasn’t posted a challenge for a couple of years.I miss it.

Then there was Five Sentence Fiction.A whole story in five sentences on a given subject.Here is one I did onInferno.Once again, this group has ceased to be…

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Can I Say?

Christine can’t sleep and resorts to poetry

A World Apart

I woke when I thought

The night was done.

Looked at the clock

It was only one.

What pulled me away?

What woke me up

What caused my thoughts

To stir the cup?

Can I say, perhaps

A brilliant thought?


Alas, I cannot.

Simply stated

And for naught

The blogging fact

Is I forgot.

My day to blog

Though I am tired,

I got it in

Under the wire.

So, from North of 43

I once again

Go off to sleep

And to you send


Chris G July ’22

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Tears on Tuesday

A World Apart

I am constantly amazed as I grow older, how life can change seemingly with the drop of a pin.

Today I am thinking of a friend who in ten days went from being an alert, vibrant woman, to one requiring constant and total care. How could this be? I ask myself. What had been going on in her body undetected, until suddenly she was no longer able to care for herself.

Ten days before the decision was made, she had been diagnosed with cancer of the lung (not the asthma for which her usual doctor had been treating her). This was a real shock to her. The next day she smashed her car and the next she was hospitalised with breathing problems and then she tested positive for Covid.

A cushion and mohair stole for comfort when she is sitting

My feeling is that this 87-year-old woman said to herself…

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David Crosby and Rolling Stone


According to Wikipedia,David Van Cortlandt Crosby(born August 14, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of boththe ByrdsandCrosby, Stills & Nash.

Actually his career encompasses much more, and I must confess I figured this guy of 81 years had probably retired long ago, or was on the other side of the green.

So I was a little surprised to come across a news piece announcing a new job.

Crosby isRolling Stone’s official advice columnist.Has been for sometime.

Sort of an Ann Landers with a twist.

So why does this interest me?

Well, for one thing, he bucks theyou’re old so retire already.

For another, he gets to do what so many of us elders dream of –say whatever you damn well feel like.And get paid for it.

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