U is for -Update to Yesterday’s Post

I think WordPress is playing games with me today. Nowhere and Nohow could I find the post that I was updating –
and of course, there were no other posts starting with the letter U.
I do know that it was about a blogger I had discovered 10 years before.

After reading Eliza’s post, I wrote a post in 2012 titled I know this place
But shortly after I published the missing post in January 2022,

the blogger decided to no longer write in English, her second language.



“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another
“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

C S Lewis

Firstly, apologies – I didn’t give you the link to the earlier post on Africa. If you read it through you will see what I missed. – Related articles – Musings from Africa.

While I was able to open the post in the morning, I sent a comment to the blogger –
Many years later looking back on some of my earlier posts , I came across yours. In rereading, it is more attractive to me, but I think you have to be born there to appreciate its beauty, both in the people and the beauty that surrounds everyone. Are you still blogging? I can’t find anything from you for the last few years. I hope if you are no longer blogging it is because you found something else to do. With best wishes from far away New Zealand

Imagine my delight to receive a response this morning –
Dear Judith, thanks for your kind words. I have indeed stopped blogging in English as it is my second language.
I have continued, with some periods of inactivity, to blog in Afrikaans (my first love). If you still read Afrikaans, even after years in NZ (as are some of my closest friends), my Afrikaans musings (and fiction) can be found at https://wordpress.com/posts/julioagrella.wordpress.com

I have yet to respond and tell her that I don’t speak Afrikaans.

Until tomorrow.



4 responses to “U is for -Update to Yesterday’s Post

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  2. Judith, on weekends I am extremely busy and doesn’t get to social media. Just to re-iterate: I rarely blog nowadays (not even in Afrikaans).
    And I am a “he” not a “she”, although I presume it is not something to say in the woke-world (smile). I have, however, found a new way to interact with the world as I subsequently became a published author (in Afrikaans) and therefor spend most of my time tearing my hair out and sulking.

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    • Oh how wonderful to hear from you after all these years. And congratulations on getting your book published. Unfortunately I don’t read Afrikaans or indeed speak Afrikaans so I won’t be able to read your book. And apologies I don’t know why I ever decided you were a she. I’m delighted to hear that you are a published MALE. author. Is there another book on the horizon? Perhaps you could send me an email address and from time to time we could keep in touch, that is of course should you want to, and if you ever had a spare moment to interact with a stranger far away. My email address is judith@judithbaxter.net.nz With very best wishes from far away.

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    • Julio. Apologies. I reread the post and see that we did have contact last year, 2022. Just put it down to an aged mind.

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