The first e-mail that I opened this morning was from Rachel McAlpine. Rachel, like me, is old and celebrates it.

We are both in our 80s and live in the same city but have never met.  Rachel is a poet, author, and artist.  Visit her and see how she celebrates her age.

I tell most younger people who comment on my age that if they are lucky, they’ll get to be my age one day.  As we know, so many people don’t reach my vast age. My response is usually met with looks of amazement and they often then go on to ask whether I still drive.

I have enjoyed each of the phases of my life, some, of course, more than others. But now I can say I honestly enjoy this phase. Oh, there are some obstacles when we’re old. I can no longer walk the long distances I used to, but I can still walk, albeit with the aid of a stick. The alternative to a stick is not to walk, which would be totally unacceptable.

 I can still drive to my favourite beach and while I no longer walk along the sand I can walk along the esplanade and enjoy the sights and sounds of people on the beach. Incidentally, I am a Pisces, so water is very important to me, and I am happiest close to it. 

There are those occasional and mostly strange, twitches and aches and pains. Our bones are more fragile but with extra care, we can make sure (as much as we can) that they don’t break.

I know that I am one of the lucky ones. My health is good for which I am truly thankful. I can get out and about and do those things that interest me.

 I do have several younger friends but of course, most of my friends are now my age, so we do things at a slower pace – but still do things.

So how are you enjoying your age? Each day passes so quickly and can never be replayed. Enjoy each day as best you can, and be thankful for it.

And – If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.


14 responses to “I AM OLD

  1. I enjoy your and Rachel’s celebration of living. Truly marvelous!


  2. I am sometimes feeling old at 55, and to read your post has truly inspired me. Life goes on!


  3. One of my favorite songs and I’d like to think it’s my approach to life. It got blurred over the past few years, but I hope it’s still my truth.


    • Thanks Barb. To my way of thinking how old is the little old lady sitting in the armchair knitting while aged, which is what I am, is someone who continues to do the things she has always done maybe a little slower than before but she does things

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  4. This he longer I spend on this earth, the more I understand that “age” and “old” are not synonymous! “Old” is a negative state of mind, I prefer “well aged” or “mature” like a good vintage wine.


  5. This is one of the loveliest posts I have read in a long time. I love how you add old to the long list of things you are doing. I like that: it is honest and good and strong.

    Just recently my hip has started to hurt when I am climbing the ladders in the barn. Mostly that just pisses me off but does give me pause.

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    • Thanks Cecilia. I think it’s important for those of us who are old to remind the younger people that life doesn’t end when one reaches 70,80 or 90. It just changes and can be enjoyed as well as those earlier years. I see you are coming home in a couple of months. Of course it will be winter by that time with all that means in New Zealand. Enjoy your trip and let’s hear about it.


  6. I’ll be 74 in June and live alone. I am becoming increasingly fearful as my limitations increase and my decline hastens esp the need to drive myself. However, I am in much better condition than most of my peers.


    • Hi Carl. Thanks for the comment. Yes there are definite obstacles to be overcome as we age but I honestly think with the right attitude most can be overcome. My biggest concern is what will happen when I can’t drive. We live at the bottom of a sleep shared drive and I can’t walk up it to get to the bus which is very close. But I’m not worried about that. I’ll deal with it when it happens.

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