Summer in Wellington

A World Apart

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
Roger Miller, Singer, songwriter, & actor

Another Christmas has come and gone, another New Year’s Eve celebration followed it as always, and has also passed and now we are getting back to the everyday life that we know.

All the festivities and fun are great.  It’s always good to catch up with friends and family and what better time than at Christmas and New Year?  But don’t you feel rather flat when the day has passed, the friends have left for home and things are really no different than they were on December 24th?  If like me, you were lucky to receive some gifts and now you have a few more ‘things’ to find places for, you will be adding the fact that you have friends and family who care to your Gratitude List.

After a spell of summer…

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2 responses to “Summer in Wellington

  1. Oh I am in love with this quote! There has been so much rain at home – did you have a damp christmas?


    • The weather until the last few days has been all that we remember of Christmas of old. Christmas afternoon at my son’s pool in Raumati – 28 degrees. Everyone, except me, jumped into the pool. Now today, we have had another great day. Long may it last. Oh and a Happy New Year to you and yours and the animals in the Farmy particularly Wai.


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