Christmas is Coming

A World Apart

And just to add to the stress levels at this time of the year – click here to see the countdown to Christmas. Here in New Zealand at 5.40 pm, I see that the countdown is 6 days; 6 hours; 11 minutes; 22 seconds.

So thinking of Christmas, and as my son will tell anyone who cares to listen that his mother is a fount of useless information and just in case you play trivia over the holidays, Did you know?

  • Decorated evergreen trees have been part of December celebrations in Europe for many centuries reminding everyone that spring is just around the corner. The decorated Christmas tree became accepted in the UK when Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the children were depicted in the “Illustrated London News” standing around a lavishly decorated Christmas tree.
  • Christmas was cancelled in England in the 1640s when Puritan law forbade churches to open…

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One response to “Christmas is Coming

  1. The information in this post was useful, because I read it and enjoyed it. I read one section to grandson David, too. Most enjoyable!


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