I’ll take this and this and not that or..

Chris and the news

A World Apart

For a lot of us the days of actual newspapers are gone. Now I have a News Feed on my iPad that I pick up each morning that has a list of about a dozen news sources from around the world that I quickly browse and take the time to retain some points of interest.

That’s because I have a group of friends that I mean about three mornings a week at my Cafe O, and the topics of the day are discussed. One friend is a smart business woman who knows what is going on in the world of finance and in world governments. I learn a lot from her and often wish she was my mother. (Of course she is only nine years older than I so…)

Another friend understand politics and at least one point discussed is the world political theory. She is the one who helped…

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3 responses to “I’ll take this and this and not that or..

  1. That’s marvelous that your group is keeping brains alive and active.

    I stopped having the paper delivered when I disagreed with articles that should have been factual and not opinionated rants. I still miss the rhythm of a daily crossword puzzle. *sigh*. Who knows, even they may have been politicized by now.


  2. Yes Anne, I also miss having the daily paper but unfortunately they won’t deliver it to my door. It’s down the long drive and the delivery guy will only put it in mailboxeS.


  3. Oh Anne when ! Was a child I wanted to be a journalist. The kind that is impartial, only reporting the facts. But they seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.


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