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I Hope You Dance!

A World Apart

In the sense that there was nothing before it,
all writing is writing against the void.”
Mark Strand, 1934 –
American poet, essayist, and translator.

Sitting in front of the blank computer screen on a particularly wet Sunday afternoon I could not think of anything to write about today. So I am writing into the void.  No wonder the blank page or in my case, the empty computer screen, is so frightening.  This void is not my usual habitat.  I am a creature of city streets, beaches and bush. My inspiration is born in these things, and of course, family and grandchildren.

And as is always the case, I did think of something.  Today I thought of a book I have entitled Lilian Too’s Book of Gold.  It is subtitled “Wise Ways to Health, Wealth and Happiness” and contains 365 daily reflections. I haven’t even thought of this book for…

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Another Good Find

A World Apart

How often do you find a book that really holds you from beginning to end?  From time to time, our local librarians recommend books they have read and recently one recommendation was Cruel Tides, by Maria Adolfsson.  What I didn’t know was that this was book 3 in a trilogy.  

The novels are set on a fictional island called Doggerland, supposedly in the North Sea somewhere between the UK and Denmark.

Detective Inspector Karen Eiken Horby has returned home after an absence of ten years working in London for the Metropolitan Police. She finds life is not easy being the only female Detective Inspector in this small police force on the island.  However, she is not the only one to return to her homeland after several years abroad.  Luna has decided to come back to where she was born and raised to secretly record her comeback album.  This world-famous singer has a wrap party…

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A Winter Bite, the Number 8, and Christmas Cometh

A World Apart

I felt the first deep bite of winter today

And I know the cold is here to stay.

ABC Australia reported this and I am not sure exactly how they came to this conclusion – I mean the decline predicted in the next hundred years – but follow the link and let me know what you think.

It’s less than six weeks when Christmas cometh, and for some reason I am already in the Spirit **Spirit not spirits (not yet)

Quite unusual for me. Bought two small gifts and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find a decorative sweater to wear, then realized it’s not even December yet. I don’t have a lot of gifts to buy, and none are expensive, but I look forward to it this year.

Good grief. All this is quite unlike me. But I think I shall embrace whatever this is, and on the happy note…

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Old Dog, Old Woman, Old Friends

A World Apart

Once again, I am visiting my favourite dog. My son and his wife have left for 10 days to visit their youngest son who now lives in Brisbane in Queensland, Aus.

So now Daisydog and I have 10 days to relax close to the beach and beside the river. Neither of us walks very far or very fast these days and I think she quite likes it when I’m here because there’s no rough and tumble which always starts when my son and his son are here, independently, or together.

And now I have 10 days to myself. I visited each of my not-well friends last week, so nobody is expecting me this week. I do have one friend who’s coming to stay for a couple of days but she’s very easy to be around and she’s happy to do nothing as well

My plans for these 10 days are to…

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Three am on Thursday

A World Apart

Chris has told you of the new regimen for posting in AWA, and Thursday is one of my chosen days to write.
I am one of those fortunate people who decide it’s time to turn out the light, do so and immediately fall asleep for many hours. So, on the very few occasions when I find myself awake in the middle of the night I am surprised. And then I have to think of something to send myself back to sleep. So here it is 3 o’clock on Thursday morning. I’m drinking camomile tea and writing my blog post.
So what to write about?
Here in New Zealand, we have large areas of geothermal activity. This is surely one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular tricks. It is scary, amazing, and totally mesmerising; these things don’t change no matter how often you see this activity.
I always make a point of…

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Lest We Forget

A World Apart

This is our Remembrance Day here today. A day to remember all who died in wars.

For many of us oldsters, whose parents were young soldiers in World War 11.

It’s an honour to remember the sacrifices.

For all the parades and formal services there is a darker side to the significance of the day.

I have come to realize the greatest sacrifices, not just in this war, the greatest victims are those who did not die, but were broken. Irreparably.

Nightmares. So many veterans I have spoken with talk about nightmares. Even all these years later. Almost all said they have never told their families about them.

One woman who married her betrothed on his return said the war broke him.

One chap in his nineties told me that as a young soldier he saw trucks coming into their camp and he wandered over to have a look. ‘The…

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I’ll take this and this and not that or..

Chris and the news

A World Apart

For a lot of us the days of actual newspapers are gone. Now I have a News Feed on my iPad that I pick up each morning that has a list of about a dozen news sources from around the world that I quickly browse and take the time to retain some points of interest.

That’s because I have a group of friends that I mean about three mornings a week at my Cafe O, and the topics of the day are discussed. One friend is a smart business woman who knows what is going on in the world of finance and in world governments. I learn a lot from her and often wish she was my mother. (Of course she is only nine years older than I so…)

Another friend understand politics and at least one point discussed is the world political theory. She is the one who helped…

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Counting My Blessings on Friday

A World Apart

The first Friday in the month and time for Five Word Friday. You know what this is about. Describe your life today in five words only and then go on to tell us about it.

My Five words today are – Counting my blessings on Friday

  • At the top of my list of blessings is my family and in particular, my daughter.
  • When I was in rehab recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury, she came every day and sometimes twice a day to see me.
  • The staff said she was the kind of daughter every mother should have.
  • My apartment is part of her house but we don’t see each other as often as we did when we lived apart.
  • But I know she is always there for me, on the phone or at the top of the stairs.
  • When I call her, invariably her answer is ‘what can I do?’…

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I love my neighbourhood

Chris goes walkabout


It’s great for walking around any time but it seemed more spectacular than usual. Spreading the fun from AWA!

A friend and I went for a Sunday morning walk around the neighbourhood yesterday to see lawn decorations. For HALLOWEEN of course!

A young mother was also here with two of her three children. The oldest one who was five wouldn’t come because she was truly frightened. The other two who looked about three and two years old loved it!

I love that some folk go all out. I never did- too energetic for me but I sure enjoy the ones that do.

This place brought all smiles. So cheerful!

This witch is rather solitary but really amazing!


Someone painted a bare trunk and branch – which has nothing to do with Halloween but I just had to include it!

Now how ingenious is that?

And we still have some…

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A World Apart

I haven’t talked much about the fantastic resort in Bali to which we recently went. It is classed as 5-stars, but over the years I have been in many 5-star hotels and resorts and I have never seen anything come close to this one. But more of that later.

Today I want to tell you about one of the restaurants in the resort. It is called Koral and it is a joy to behold. The food is amazing, the presentation is in a class of its own but the piece de résistance is the fish swimming around and coming up to the glass, so close almost on your plates and eating with you.

This was a constant show and at one stage a diver went down into the water among the fish. They detected no threat and so ignored him. He came over and tapped on the window beside us…

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