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Tuesday Torment

Tuesday’s Thoughts

A World Apart

Yesterday Chris rode the rails.Did you read that post?

Well, today I rode the rails. It was a beautiful Spring rain, sunshine, and no hint of rain.I had planned to visit my friend in the care home.I told her this when I left a few days ago.

And here, we are so very lucky.  From the age of 65, we are all given a Gold Card which allows us to travel on public transport for free.  The stipulation is that it can be used only during off-peak hours 10 am – 3 pm. Not a problem for me.  I don’t want or need to travel in busy times.

So rather than drive, I took advantage of the public transport, and I rode the rails.

A ten-minute drive to the local railway station, where there is only one disability park and as I now have a card, I use that.I have only once seen…

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