A Birthday Celebration

A World Apart

“Children, sons and daughters,
are the anchors of a mother’s life
Judith Baxter, 1938 –

Wednesday, 29 August 1962. To Bob and Judith a beautiful little boy!

And now that ‘little boy” is 60 and on Monday the family celebrated his birthday.

Now I ask myself, how can I possibly be that old? And now my little boy is the age I was when his father (My DYS) died all those years ago. How the years have flown.

To mark this occasion I gave him an authentic newspaper published on the day of his birth. As he was born in Glasgow, the chosen paper was The Scotsman. Interesting to read what was occupying the public mind at that time.

As Chairman of British Railways, Dr Beeching was in the news daily,  and his report on reshaping the railways “The Beeching Report” led to far-reaching changes in the network and…

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