Friday’s For Friendship and Foundations

Friday in Wellington

A World Apart

I have told you before about we four friends who call ourselves The Mutual Admiration Society Sisters. We meet often and about once a month we plan something a little different for MASS. This month it was on Friday and we went to see the BNZ (Bank Of New Zealand) Artwork Collection display.

Unfortunately, only three of us went; the fourth having succumbed to a particularly nasty and painful bug.

So. in the pouring rain, we three met up as planned for coffee before going off to be surrounded by works of art that have been collected over the past forty years by this major bank.

We were told, by a very helpful assistant, that the BNZ art collection was started in 1982. And now after four decades, around 350 pieces of artwork in the collection will go to auction.

The proceeds will go to the bank’s new charitable foundation…

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  1. You and LA are front and centre in my post for today!1

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