No news is……

A World Apart

I can’t really say there is no news but, to be more accurate nothing that catches my interest.

My last post was about less thinking and more about doing. And then a blogging buddy, Basia left a comment saying, ‘sometimes it is perfectly okay to sit and do nothing.’

And I thought, ‘YES!’ No, not like that, more of a quiet ‘yes’.

Every now and then I do a bit of meditating, usually choosing something from YouTube, and I slow down. Less doing. Less thinking.

Doing nothing can be restorative.

I did check out the local paper for news ideas.

So there were things to discuss. Just not today.

We have about a month left of summer, but Autumn is in the air and that is traditionally a time for this Canadian to begin a slow-down. A grounding as it were. And it feels good.

So from North of 43…

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  1. Thank you for the repost!

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