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Afraid of the Light

A World Apart

Afraid of the Light

Much has been said about the recent decision on the rose versus wade legislation. The media have covered it at great length. We have seen and heard the talking heads on this subject and no doubt, most of us have discussed this with friends and other groups in which we are involved. I am not going to get involved in the discussion here. 

I simply want to tell you about a book that I picked up from the library last week. In our local library which is very small and an offshoot of the Wellington City Library, there is a table holding copies of the librarians’ picks. Knowing nothing about this author, Douglas Kennedy and always ready to try something new, I picked up his latest book, Afraid of the Light.

“WhileAfraid of the Lightisn’t a novel solely about abortion, it explores the complexities…

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Why is everyone so mad at Will Smith?

A World Apart

This question has niggled at me since The Slap.

Seriously, I lost all affection and inclination to watch anything with this man, even though I have adored most of the movies he has made, and most of the interviews he has done. I mean he was an icon.

The characters he played were so doggone good. Ethical, brave, kind, so kind. And always with a joie de vivre and a smile that just made you want to hug the daylights out of him.

And therein lies the answer to the question. We are not mad at him. We are mad at ourselves.

How could he fool us?

But guess what? I have come to the conclusion it is OUR fault.


Because we persist in putting people on pedestals. And then we scorn them when they fall off.

Why do we do that?

I am sure there are deep conversations…

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