It’s an Odds and End kind of day

A lovely new word. See how I have used it in my comment to Chris.

A World Apart

The kind of day when I did not have to be up and out in the morning. It called for a nice cup of coffee (Ethiopia) my current fave. And propped up in bed catching up on blogs and comments.

I don’t often play the WOD challenge but I really should. I like the idea. I noticed the Word for the Day today is Pervasive which the Oxford Dictionary defines as ‘(especially of an unwelcome influence or physical effect) spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people. “Ageism is pervasive and entrenched in our society”

**No, I don’t think that counts as using the word. We’ll see if it comes up in this post. one of my regulars sent me a link in a comment connected to a previous post of hers about Molokai.

I can’t find the author of the book I read…

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