A World Apart

When I wrote my post yesterday, it was the end of a very tiring day, several hours spent with and for my friend, and I was almost asleep on my feet. Now I have to apologise because there are mistakes in that post. Obviously, I didn’t read it properly before I published it

In paragraph two, the final sentence is repeated, and typos appear in the Shirley MacLaine quote.

“When we release others from the expectations we have of them, we truly love them.”

I am away from home without my laptop (who ever does that) and writing using my phone does not help. So again, apologies.

JB, Raumati, New Zealand, August 16, 2022

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6 responses to “Apologies

  1. Good grief my friend.
    You are only human.


  2. Thanks Granny. You always say good things


  3. No apologies needed. I am impressed that you could write a post on your phone.

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  4. Thanks Anne. The biggest problem is that the words are so small,

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  5. You did well Judith. And I hope you got some good rest.


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