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Shakespeare Brought Home

A World Apart

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Several years ago I visited the Globe Theatre in London and a pop-up Globe in Auckland a couple of years ago.

And yesterday at our Probus Club, the speaker was Dawn Sanders, ONZM QSM. This talented former ballerina and theatre scholar is the founder and  CEO of Shakespeare’s Globe Centre New Zealand. 

The Shakespeare’s Globe Centres are international centres for theatrical education and for the promotion of the Shakespeare’s Globe in London, their nucleus organisation.

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What had been described as Sam Wanamaker’s impossible dream, Came to fruition in 1996 when the Queen opened the rebuilt Globe Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames, on the site of the original theatre. 

Photo fromThe legacy of Sam Wanamaker by Barry Day June 2019

Sam Wanamaker visited New Zealand in 1990, and the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand was founded in Wellington the following year by Dawn Sanders. She received the 2006 Sam Wanamaker Award for her foundation of this…

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What’s Trending?

A World Apart

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Nope not thinking of style or clothing. These days I determine the fashion of the moment and it is mostly built on comfort. Fortunately for me, a lot of the styles are comfortable and feel good on. Though most things are years old. Sort of like me,

It’s been years since I regularly went to a movie theatre, because, well you know why. The first return was a few weeks ago for Elvis. (A worthwhile trip) So a wayward thought today was to wonder what is playing and what is most popular. Not according to my judgement but according to the movie goers as a whole.

I confess I have used information from Rottentomatoes.com though I have never been able to figure out exactly how it works.

NOPEthe movie came up as number one. There are no stars I could recognize, and the…

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