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A World Apart

In a recent post, Chris showed us a yellow door that caused many comments from our followers.I have always loved doors and door decoration and Chris’s post got me thinking about the many doors I have looked at and wondered about in my very long life.

Several years ago, whilst visiting my sister in London, we took a day to visit SallyAnn of Photographic Memories who lived in Oxford then.

Amongst the things we saw was this Narnia Door.Most of us know the story ofThe Lion, The Witch and The Broomstickby C S Lewis andThe Tales ofNarnia on our tour around Oxford SallyAnn took us to seeThe Narnia Door. But I still wonder what is behind that door.

And years later after theLord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbitwere a worldwide success, we took a friend to Hobbiton, a village set…

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