Tears on Tuesday

A World Apart

I am constantly amazed as I grow older, how life can change seemingly with the drop of a pin.

Today I am thinking of a friend who in ten days went from being an alert, vibrant woman, to one requiring constant and total care. How could this be? I ask myself. What had been going on in her body undetected, until suddenly she was no longer able to care for herself.

Ten days before the decision was made, she had been diagnosed with cancer of the lung (not the asthma for which her usual doctor had been treating her). This was a real shock to her. The next day she smashed her car and the next she was hospitalised with breathing problems and then she tested positive for Covid.

A cushion and mohair stole for comfort when she is sitting

My feeling is that this 87-year-old woman said to herself…

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2 responses to “Tears on Tuesday

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend. You wrote about her beautifully, and she is blessed to have you for a friend. God bless you both.

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