Cold, wet and windy

A World Apart

No. Not alcohol or any other drugs but dependency on the things we have come o take for granted.

For weeks/months? we have been sympathising with Granny on the sporadic supply of water and electricity in her part of South Africa. It appears that almost every day one or other of the services is cut – how hard that must make life for Granny.

Well, today I woke up and only part of the apartment had power. The first clue to something being wrong? The bedside light didn’t work and the radio clock was off. Even my trusty totem, my rock salt lamp was off. To make that first cup of tea I had to move the kettle to the other end of the bench.

Over my many years, I have learned first place to check is the fuse box. All looked well but what do I know? Anyway, a…

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2 responses to “Dependency

  1. That’s great that you are back in power. How odd it must have been to have power in parts of your place and none in others!

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