A Day Apart

A World Apart

“Sometimes, you need to be alone to enjoy your free time
just being yourself.”
Judith Baxter, blogger, mother, grandmother and friend
1938 –

After the fright I had last week, and my decision to slow down, I decided to have one me day each week. And today is that day. I have been running around this week again, sometimes forgetting how old I am.

So today after a late arising from bed, I have literally done nothing that isn’t for my personal benefit – apart of course, laundry (well that is beneficial) and emptying the dishwasher from last night’s dinner with number one grandson and his partner.

And now, I am sitting in my comfortable chair, with sunshine pouring through the windows, feet up and reading a Peter James novel. Can life get any better?

JB July 15, 2022

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One response to “A Day Apart

  1. Good for you !!

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