Disorganised vs Organised

A World Apart

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one
is always having surprising discoveries.”

said PoohA.A. Milne

Over the years I have always considered myself to be well organised. Recently I findI have been running around like a one-armed paper hanger, never quite catching up on the things I have to do and leaving total disarray in my footsteps. But now I have decided that I will resurrect the organised me.

As I said, the scare I had on Tuesday has made me reconsider how I’m spending my life, what I’m actually doing, and what I’m achieving, if anything.

So, starting tomorrow I plan to make a list of the things I could do to become more organised.Oh, I do love lists and of course, I love words.

I have written so many posts on words in my other blog; the way they sound in different accents…

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