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Friday Fashions

A World Apart

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Description automatically generatedYesterday, with the other three members of MASS (Mutual Admiration Society Sisters) I went to an exhibition entitled Carry Me. This was a celebration of 100 years of handbags.

The introduction claimed “An exquisite exhibition showcasing the history of handbags over the last 100 years

” ‘Carry Me’ is a boutique collection of over 50 classic (and sometimes curious) and infamously luxurious handbags connected to some of the most iconic and famous fashionistas of the last century; Including Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Lady Diana. (sic)From private Italian collections and exclusive to Upper Hutt, this exhibition is your chance to celebrate what has become much more than a mere fashion accessory, but a commentary on society and culture.”

Some of the handbags were well known to us, for instance, the Louis Vuitton tote bag, which has been around for many years; The Jackie Bag designed for Jackie Kennedy by…

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Thursday’s Thoughts

Random thoughts running around my head.

A World Apart

My turn to write a blog today and I am faced with a blank screen and an equally blank mind.

This morning I read this from Nancy atNot Quite Oldand I started thinking back to all the posts I have written on fiction with a limit on number of words or sentences.

When asked, ‘How do you write?’ I invariably answer,
‘one word at a time.’ Stephen King

For years I have followed Tara atThin spiral notebook.Each week she set us a prompt and the challenge was to write fiction using a specified word in 100 words, no more, no less.Quite a challenge always. Tara hasn’t posted a challenge for a couple of years.I miss it.

Then there was Five Sentence Fiction.A whole story in five sentences on a given subject.Here is one I did onInferno.Once again, this group has ceased to be…

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Can I Say?

Christine can’t sleep and resorts to poetry

A World Apart

I woke when I thought

The night was done.

Looked at the clock

It was only one.

What pulled me away?

What woke me up

What caused my thoughts

To stir the cup?

Can I say, perhaps

A brilliant thought?


Alas, I cannot.

Simply stated

And for naught

The blogging fact

Is I forgot.

My day to blog

Though I am tired,

I got it in

Under the wire.

So, from North of 43

I once again

Go off to sleep

And to you send


Chris G July ’22

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Tears on Tuesday

A World Apart

I am constantly amazed as I grow older, how life can change seemingly with the drop of a pin.

Today I am thinking of a friend who in ten days went from being an alert, vibrant woman, to one requiring constant and total care. How could this be? I ask myself. What had been going on in her body undetected, until suddenly she was no longer able to care for herself.

Ten days before the decision was made, she had been diagnosed with cancer of the lung (not the asthma for which her usual doctor had been treating her). This was a real shock to her. The next day she smashed her car and the next she was hospitalised with breathing problems and then she tested positive for Covid.

A cushion and mohair stole for comfort when she is sitting

My feeling is that this 87-year-old woman said to herself…

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David Crosby and Rolling Stone


According to Wikipedia,David Van Cortlandt Crosby(born August 14, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of boththe ByrdsandCrosby, Stills & Nash.

Actually his career encompasses much more, and I must confess I figured this guy of 81 years had probably retired long ago, or was on the other side of the green.

So I was a little surprised to come across a news piece announcing a new job.

Crosby isRolling Stone’s official advice columnist.Has been for sometime.

Sort of an Ann Landers with a twist.

So why does this interest me?

Well, for one thing, he bucks theyou’re old so retire already.

For another, he gets to do what so many of us elders dream of –say whatever you damn well feel like.And get paid for it.

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Speculating on Sunday

Thinking thoughts in the sunshine

A World Apart

A sunny, midwinter Sunday with nothing to do and nowhere to go. So..

Have you ever read a poem that seemed to be written just for you? This is such a poem and it speaks to me in my late husband’s words. How often did he ask me to put down a book to see something he wanted to share or to tell me something he thought I should like to hear?

Several years ago (11 to be exact) I came across this poem from James Rainsford. It seemed to be written just for me:

“Please put down that bookyou’re reading now
and gently close its pages.
So no harm shall come to damage its cold thoughts.
Look up. Please, look up and see
what little there is left of mewhere you felt loved.

© James Rainsford – Author, poet, photographer.

Thank you, James, for giving me permission to…

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A World Apart

“Every man’s memory is his private literature.” 
Aldous Huxley, English writer and philosopher. 

Several years ago I devised and ran a course on Memory writing, Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. The first course was run in 2009. Since then I have presented this course in several places, my own home included, and for a variety of organisations.

But yesterday I began to think, or ask the question, What is the difference between Memory Writing and Writing Memoirs?

Memory writing is just as it says. We write down a memory that we want to keep to pass on to future generations or in some instances, simply for ourselves.

My introduction to the course read “Stories have been used throughout history to pass on information and beliefs to following generations.  The books of the major religions of the world tell stories and our history books tell stories.  What about cave drawings…

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When you’re feeling blue

Great ideas from Chris

A World Apart

I am a big fan of rose-coloured glasses. I prefer to call it an optimistic POV.

I am also a big fan of positive memories from which I believe we find inspiration when times are low.

My grandsons are growing up, as I may have mentioned one or two or a million times.

I had gotten to thinking about mortality lately. Mine, specifically, and I asked myself what words of wisdom I would leave for them, and pretty much came to the conclusion I had no wisdom to impart. At least, none I could think of in the moment.

Then I came up with an idea.

So I had a few photos mounted on a light board they could hang on a wall. Wrote the blurb below and mailed off the package to them today.

With the note below

I hope you will hang this on your wall,


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Cold, wet and windy

A World Apart

No. Not alcohol or any other drugs but dependency on the things we have come o take for granted.

For weeks/months? we have been sympathising with Granny on the sporadic supply of water and electricity in her part of South Africa. It appears that almost every day one or other of the services is cut – how hard that must make life for Granny.

Well, today I woke up and only part of the apartment had power. The first clue to something being wrong? The bedside light didn’t work and the radio clock was off. Even my trusty totem, my rock salt lamp was off. To make that first cup of tea I had to move the kettle to the other end of the bench.

Over my many years, I have learned first place to check is the fuse box. All looked well but what do I know? Anyway, a…

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Headlines Schmedlines

Chris shares the news

A World Apart

A quiet Sunday here at North of 43. Almost to the point of boredom. But not quite. Calls for a light review of some headlines.

Jennifer Lopez Shares First Photos From Wedding to Ben Affleck: “We Did It

I wish this couple well but good grief, enough already.

After two years in a coma, West Virginia woman wakes to name brother in attack

Now that is the surprise of all surprises. Apparently the brother was surprised when police showed up but not really.

Cameron Smith takes ‘boring’ route to top of British Open leader board

Listen, this young guy won at St. Andrews. World famous. The original gold course. Whoever chose the word ’boring’ in this headline needs a boring smack.

West Virginia Baby Born at 7-Eleven on July 11 Gifted with Freebies as Parents Get Coffee for Years

Having given birth, I can say this is not a prize…

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