Half a century and counting

Chris enjoying time  and memories with old friends

A World Apart

One is about 43 degrees latitude N. and longitude 80 W, The other almost equidistant south latitude and longitude 174 E. Two women, two minds, different personalities and experiences, choosing a life of meaning, continual growth and learning, at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what ‘an old lady’ should be.

Chris G

The above is what I wrote in my gravatar back in November ’21 when JB and I started A World Apart here on WordPress. The reason I am using it today is for the part at the same time negating ageist opinions of exactly what an ’old lady’ should be.

You see yesterday the graduating class of 1969 at South Waterloo Memorial Hospital had it’s 53rd reunion. You heard me. Some may ask why 53rd? Isn’t it traditional to celebrate the decade? Of course those who are regular readers know the answers to that one…

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