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The Night Ferry

Today’s review

A World Apart

I have written before about a writer’s aid that I have.It’s called a Creative Writer’s Kit and it gives one, amongst other things, day-by-day suggestions of what to write about.

Needing some help today I turned to this kit and my eyes alighted on October 1 “On the night train to….”

I have recently finished another of Michael Robotham’s books. This one is called theNight Ferryand I thought that I would write about it. Not a night train, but close enough.

This is not in the Jo O’Loughlin series but instead is a stand-alone book.

Detective Alisha Barba is recovering having been badly injured while making an arrest.. After a very long stay in the hospital, while they fixed her back, she wonders if she will ever run again.Now she is sufficiently recovered to start running again and it becomes her lifesaver.

The school reunion is coming up…

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