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Stupid News

Chris is on her high horse today

A World Apart

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

CBC NEWS -Ottawa police say they’re ready to shut down Canada Day occupation attempts – *this is expected to be a unique Canada Day, with larger crowds and a larger event footprint,” interim Ottawa police Chief Steve Bell said during aMonday news conference.

It seems the nice polite Canadian is a thing of the past. We have gone from peaceful demonstrations to occupations, not designed to protest or to make a point but to make the ordinary surrounding citizenry suffer and be terrorized. We learned that from the Trucker’s Convoy, which lost them a lot of support including mine. And what the heck is an event footprint?

REUTERS – Pro-life is not just opposing abortion, Vatican says after U.S. ruling. By Philip Pullella

Not sure exactly what the point is here. Well, the surface stuff sure but does that mean RvW should not have…

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