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Meandering and Musing on Monday

Untethered thoughts from an ancient mind.

A World Apart

At the end of another long day with no idea what to write about, I decided to look back on what I had been thinking and writing about ten years ago.

“Overeating regularly eventually leads to under-living.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, South African philosopher, social critic, and satirist.

In May 2012, I wrote a blog that discussed amongst other things, the fattest man in the world. He was Keith Martin a British man who at his heaviest, weighed 70 stone (980 lbs. or 445 kg). When I wrote my post, Keith Martin was 42 years old. he hadn’t been out of his house since 9/11. He was too large to go out. He was recorded as eating 20,000 calories a day, nine times more than the recommended amount. To read the rest of that post click here.

Then having read that post I decided that I would find out what…

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