OLD – Babes on a bridge and Ball in the Park

Well what else can we expect from a Canadian friend. Watch this space to see what she comes up with next

A World Apart

The perfect summer day – sun, but not too hot; domestic chores, mostly chopping up fresh veg for the freezer; and a lovely walk in the early evening.

But what about the title above you ask?

I got a card from my SIL that has been viewed with hilarity and very loud laughter by all who view it. **Warning, we have been referred to as TWO HOT BABES. Uh, by ourselves of course.

Sometimes when I am walking I come across a little league baseball game in progress and smile.

But a big smile happened the other day when I saw this:

Not little league but OLD league. I watched for awhile and was tempted to ask if I could play when I suddenly realized all these OLD people were probably twenty years younger than I. I did wonder if I could find a Septuagenerian League.

It’s Monday here at…

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2 responses to “OLD – Babes on a bridge and Ball in the Park

  1. I was at a funeral yesterday. I am nearly 88. Everyone at the funeral seemed to be much, much younger than me. Except for one couple, who seemed to be a bit closer to my age.
    Well, it turned out to be, that they were both in their early 60s! 🙂

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  2. I am sure that it is mostly in the mind the question of ageing and how we age. Thank you for the comment Uta


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