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Mental Meanderings

Chris is in a thoughtful mood today

A World Apart

My habit of late has been to walk first thing in the mornings. Okay, first I wake up, make coffee to have in bed while I review blogs, make comments, check email (in this I am channeling JB – who of course has tea instead.) Then I dress, brush teeth and walk. This only works on the days I don’t go meet friends at Cafe O. on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

This is us and the photo is from the instagram page of Cafe O Roaster & Bakery. Sometimes the group is larger, sometimes a bit smaller.

I love walking though must talk myself into it on occasion. I love looking and this one, at eye level made me smile.

On the same walk I stopped to enjoy (visually) this back yard park.

I was tempted to sit on benches around this area but people are really funny about trespassers.

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