It’s only Thursday but a special weekend approaches

Yesterday’s thoughts from Chris.

A World Apart

Well it is a kind of lolling around weekend here in Canada.  The neighbourhood is quiet and most folk who have not headed out to cottages or camping are puttering at this and that. Much improved over the last couple of years – post covid and all that.

May 24 to the young adults means 24 (the number of bottles of beer in a case, that is packed up for a trip, with sleeping bags, snacks and little else.) At least it used to be that way.but the holiday celebrates the reign of Queen Victoria who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901.

Victoria at 18 coronation

That lady would have seen a lot of changes in all those decades and today her style is defined by her name: Victorian; architecture, clothes, morals (although the morals have long since changed drastically). And as per my blog two days ago, even…

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