Yesteryear: when it was an honour to serve the sick

Read Chris is thoughts on Kerr and caring. I suspect it’s the same the world over.

A World Apart

congregation Sister's of St. Joseph

In 1978I had the privilege of working for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Brantford, Ontario where I remained for almost twenty years. Then, as now, each workplace had its own ambiance, and culture, but the emphasis then had an awful lot to do with respect. Not just in Healthcare but in business. And not just for bosses but for everyone.

Thosewere the days when treating employees well, resulted in happier employees and happier results. Employee retention was important indicating a well-trained, knowledgeable, productive and stable work environment.

Inthose days, at least in my world, one felt valued, and performed accordingly. Doing a good job was self-rewarding.

The Sisterslived on the fifth floor of the hospital and were an intricate part of daily hospital life. They had a vegetable garden and often cooked up wonderful soups for everyone. It wasn’t unusual to come on the night…

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