Friday’s Find

Eat bread and understand comfort.
Drink water, and understand delight.

A World Apart

Lonely Planet has named Wellington as the best destination in New Zealand, labelling the city “one of the coolest little capitals in the World”.And those of us who choose to live here heartily agree.

We have a mixed population of every religion, class, caste, and ethnicity.It is a thriving, bustling small city far away from the madding crowds of Europe and America, and many people desire to live here.And many. including many refugees come to make their homes here.

Because of this, we have a multitude of ethnic restaurants, from top-class silver service restaurants to cafes serving workmen on their lunch breaks and everything in between.

This wasn’t the case when we first arrived here 50 years ago.Then,

although the Capital, Wellington was very much the distant runner up to the bigger and noisier Auckland. But all has changed now.Wellington is truly a cosmopolitan city.

One of the joys, of…

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2 responses to “Friday’s Find

  1. Thanks, Judith, for reblogging this beautiful blog. I can understand that you love to live where you live. I too, am very lucky for the Illwarra is most beautiful and also very multicultural, and I have a lovely spot for my house! 🙂

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