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Perceptions of a near perfect day..

What makes a near perfect day for you?

A World Apart

Ah, the near perfect day is one that ends with a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and aggrandizement.

So what gives this illusion in spite of 2 days of driving snow when it should be golf not shovelling on the schedule?

Declaring myself snowed in (not really true except in my mind), it was a perfect day to write. And I did. Not for hours and hours but long enough to lovingly flesh out a new character who is turning out to be more important than I thought.

Bubbles: not the fermented kind but served in a wine glass I swear makes this water absolutely luxurious. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge – sort of.

Some domestic effort in the day, what JB and I call our ’15 minutes’. See, we figure that 15 minutes a day will result in a perpetually perfect home.

Today, for some reason the…

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