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Tuesday from A World Apart

A World Apart

One of the bloggers that I follow is Cindy at Cindy Ricksgers . She lives on Beaver Island, a small island in Michigan. I love reading her posts. Her life is totally different to mine. Currently, Cindy is diligently following the April A-Z Chllenge. Today her word was Q

Cindy chose Quarantine, a word that we are all familiar wih since the eruption of Covid into our lives. Up until now, I have been aware of quarantine only twice in this long life. Once as a very small child I had Scarlet Fever and was quarantined in the Fever Hospital for I don’t know how long. No memories of the disease or the time spent in the hospital. The second occasion was when we left Scotland to live in New Zealand. Rebel, our cocker spaniel, was part of our family – we had him before David – and so…

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  1. Quirky quaint quite …love this JB!


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