It’s a quiet Easter morning at north of 43

Deep Easter thoughts from Chris today

A World Apart

And my thoughts are contemplative

None of the hustle and bustle of years gone by

Just moments of thought

I think about forgiveness, and sin, and error

And who we really need to seek forgiveness from.

I Believe but I also wonder

Do we need God’s forgiveness?

Or each others’ forgiveness?

Or is the answer in forgiving self?

I wonder if when we hurt another in our humaness,

And we all do, intentionally or not

(I suspect most often it is not)

If the only salvation is ourselves.

I Believe but I also believe God’s Love

Is but a part of the forgiveness

We all require at one time or another.


Chris G April 17th ’22

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2 responses to “It’s a quiet Easter morning at north of 43

  1. To me Forgiveness is a very interesting subject! 🙂

    Easter’s hardest question: How can we forgive even the most heinous of crimes?

    Above, the link to Stan Grant’s reflections on forgiveness, which I copied. Indigenous Stan Grant is the ABC’s international affairs analyst. Stan Grant’s article was published here:

    I want to catch up with a lot of your blogs, dear Judith. All the subjects of your blogs do interest me very much! 🙂

    Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with reading all the blogs that look interesting to me! 🙂

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