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More deep thinking from Chris.

A World Apart

I was talking to a friend today and part of the conversation was about my post about Black Spruce and fire and nature’s way of regenerating. I mentioned how excited I get when I learn something new. Something completely unknown previously.

I suppose it might seem a little silly to get excited about learning. I confess, when I was in school it was all about the passing not necessarily the learning that mattered.

Once I got into my nursing career things changed. Then it was all about learning as much as I could. But the excitement I feel now makes me want to pursue the unknowing (quite similar to the unknown of course). I seem to have developed ’an appetite’, and I mentioned to my friend that it’s a shame I am coming at the closing chapters of my life at least in this world.

If I knew learning was…

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Good Morning, Good Friday

I wrote this yesterday on the other blog A World Apart and then reblogged it here. But WordPress was playing up and it has disappeared. So here it is, a day late.

“Easter is joy, hope, love, and renewal.
Easter is proof that we can begin again.” 
Richelle E. Goodrich,
American Author, Novelist, & Poet 

Growing up all those years ago, Good Friday started with a visit to church with my sisters. Yes, even before breakfast. Then home and later a visit to my father’s father whom we saw not as often as mother’s parents.

Of course, we had new clothes for Easter. It was a very important time in our lives.

Now, here in New Zealand, I don’t go to church but instead I think back on all those years and what I learnt from regular church attendance. I know my life has been built on the lessons I learned then.

Today is a Public Holiday which means most retail outlets are closed. For some reason, dairies (the small Mom and Pop grocery stores) are exempt from the law. Garden centres continue to flout the law. They have worked out that the money they make being open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday far outweighs the paltry sum of $500 which they might be fined.

For most of us though, it is family time. I started this Good Friday with coffee and hot cross buns, some home made and some bought in, at my grandson’s house, with his partner, my son and daughter-in-law and their other son. What a lovely surprise. I hadn’t known Grandson No 2 was here from Auckland.

So now sitting in the sun on this glorious autumn day (19C) all that is left to do is wish you all a very Happy Easter however you choose to celebrate it.